47's Face Part 3

Thought i might as well for tradition and hilarity’s sake make another 47 face topic for the new game, inform me if someone has already beaten me to it. Anyway looking at the dubai trailer plus the new screenshots released 2 days ago i think we can definitively say that agent 47 has a new face this time around yet again. Looking at it, it looks like a mix between hitman 2 and 1 with 47 looking older than he did in hitman 2016 but younger than he did in hitman 2.

Here is the original screenshot from the dubai trailer

Here is a copy of that i have brightened a bit in order to better get a view of the overall face

And here is a good side on profile from the new screenshots

Looks like 47’s face is back to Hitman 1 level skin quality and colourisation, combined with hitman 2’s bootiful sculpting, fellas this is looking like the best so far, but have your say am i dumb dumb, probably…


It’s not Absolution’s model so it sucks.


I wipe my ass with the absolution model. 47 should look handsome, he’s made to be the perfect man, an ageless clone in a fancy suit. Absolution made him look like any random gritty action movie star you can name. He’s Jason Statham with a tatoo


No, he should not. He should look creepy and intimidating.


People please, we can have both!


The perfect 47


I approve of this post. David is the real 47.

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I disagree. 47 has to infiltrate in some very high circles, where there are the rich and famous people. He just fits in with his manicured hands, his expensive suits and his flawless face.

If he would look like he does in Absolution or like Lucas Grey, he would stand out immediately in locations like Paris or Bangkok.


For once I’m satisfied.


Yes, his tone is much more even, also his barcode once again looks like a natural tattoo (ala 2016), rather than lines drawn with a Sharpie (2018).

Very satisfied with his look! Now, let’s hope that we can have the same change with the suits, and return back to the very high quality fit and cuts of the 2016 suits.


His Nose is very much like mine - a handsome Devil!



i still cant see any difference. can someone please make a comparison image


My thoughts on the 47’s face subject.

Yes. He is supposed to look like in the old loading screen arts, in BM gameplay, in Contracts trailer, whatever. This was always 47’s face. Yeah, maybe in Absolution he was way too old and grumpy, but still, they definitely wanted to recreate that face.

Examples below. Currently I’m not able to search for other arts and make screenshots in BM, so just quoting my old posts.

However, I liked H16 face as an alternative. In fact, I have it on my avatar. I think the idea was to show younger 47 in ICA Facility missions, but then they just slapped it on all other missions :thinking: Still like it, looks kinda intimidating and emotionless as 47 should, imho. No idea why but he reminds me of Daniel Craig.

I didn't like H2 face.
  1. Brows.
  2. All those details on his skin + yellow skin (perhaps, this caused by lightning?) make him look unhealthy. Plus eyes often look yellow too.
  3. Newer suits like H2 signature have that weird long neck.
  4. Something else that is hard to figure out…

His neck is to wide in Hitman 2. The two muscles running down his neck are better placed in HITMAN:

And the shadow under where the skull meets the neck is better in HITMAN. H2/H3 is looking like the shadow is dirty:
Other then that its good, apart from his eyebrows. They have always been very slim and sharp: Screenshot_20200728_132810

Oh yea also H2 nose looks like 47 have been drinking for 30 years compared to HITMAN:

H3 looks good apart from his neck.


Speaking of the Absolution face, I think it’s an updated version of the Blood Money face, the same in the case of the Contracts face being and updated version of the Silent Assassin face and Hitman 2018 face and updated version of the Hitman 2016 face.

All are good IMO though what I hate about the 2016 face is simply the damn eyes not moving, 47 constantly piercing the souls of all those in his way.

god i hate when i accidentally open the front camera of my phone


The amount of analysis put in here scares me




Is that a booger?




That’s really disgusting I hope not