47's Suits Unlocks and DLC Discussion


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I open up this thread because to discuss Hitman 2 and the handling of the suits. I welcome constructive criticism here especially since we never got any insight from IOI or @Travis_IOI about the Gloved Suits and IOI Anniversary Suit Pack alongside the handling of the Requiem Pack and Collectors Edition Pack. I am leaving out the GOTY Suits because I don’t see the point in criticizing what could possibly be the best DLC Pack to date for Season 1 and 2.

I want to start off with the Elusive Target Suits for Season 1 that we don’t have in Season 2. So it’s no secret that the suits are in the game files hot and ready for release, but IOI hasn’t provided clarity on why we don’t have them. I see three total ways IOI could give us them. They release a Legacy Challenge Pack for every main Season 1 level and after the completion of the challenge, you unlock the suit for that specific location. Next, they could release the Season 1 Elusive target’s again which we all know how that would work Finally they could just gather who complete an elusive target for that level and give it to us hassle free The lack of Legacy Suits really divides the Season 1 Players who’ve earned them so we really need some clarity on why we don’t have them.

The IOI Anniversary Suit Pack is personally one of the more anticipated DLC’s I’ve wanted for Hitman and it really bothered me when it was a timed exclusive for the Definitive Editon of Hitman Season 1. I know IOI said that the pack would be released for everyone late 2018, but now it’s almost been a whole year since the Definitive Edition came out and we still don’t know why this isn’t released and in Hitman 2 for the very few people who own the pack.

Lastly the Requiem and Collectors Pack. More specifically the Collectors Pack since it’s still fresh off the controversy behind it. I’m glad these packs are released don’t get me wrong. I’m glad the Gold Edition players like me and now PC players have the CP since we never had that slight edge on why you should buy the gold edition and expansion pass. Now personally I think that the Pack should have been with the Gold and Collectors Edition from the start and not two months down the line. I’m sorry if I rub people the wrong way by saying this, but what makes Collectors Editon for Collectors is not the in-game items, but the physical stuff that you get. Coming from me a Gold Edition buyer I see this as IOI fixing the one problem that the Gold Edition had and was the lack of exclusive content which playing a couple days early doesn’t hold up since the game is two months old now. I understand the frustration the CE buyers have, but at the end of the day this is IOI fixing what they did and of course to push further sales for the Gold Edition since the 4 days early doesn’t hold up anymore. I do think Gold and Collectors deserve the same content digitally, but not physically since we both paid a large amount of money towards a franchise and company we love.

please provide feedback it would be definitely appreciated :slight_smile:


I’d really like to see a S1 Challenge Pack for the Gloved S1 suits, but I think it’ll just be a free pack down the line. I’m ok with that too, providing that it is free.


Easiest and most logical solution would be making the suits a level 20 mastery reward for each level. For instance; reach Paris mastery lvl 20 and unlock the tuxedo with gloves.


Coming from a collectors edition buyer, I disagree with you. The stuff that came in the briefcase was trash, and the extra duck and the black suit were the main benefits for me.

I wouldn’t have cared if they made it available for purchase (especially since collectors for PC was only available in the UK as far as I know, which is unfair), like they did with the requiem suit, but giving it away for free is an insult, and is why I will not be buying anything like this from IOI (or any other company) again in the future.


They never gave it away for free. They locked it behind a $40 paywall. You’re allowed to disagree with me, but this is one of those situations where IOI had to change the Gold Edition. They changed the description for the Gold Edition omitting the early access part to Hitman 2 since the game is two months early. The Executive Pack was a preorder bonus so anyone who pre-ordered has it. This move my IOI was the most sensible thing they could do because the one thing that made the gold edition special was the early access. A lot of companies focus more on the physical items for Collectors edition hence why they are meant for collectors. I don’t see the reasoning behind locking digital items behind a limited quantity of $150 editions of the game. I understand having rare memorabilia behind $150 editions of the game like how it should be. So this is simply IOI righting the wrong.


There is a good chance that I would have not bought the collectors edition if the suit and the duck came in the gold edition. That is sort of the point…


I see the point that you got cheated from your money. It’s why I don’t go for Collectors editions that hold digital content. Gold and Collector Edition people have that slight superiority because we all have a cool duck and suit. I am glad because PC never got a collectors edition so this was overall a good move by IOI.


Best idea yet on S1 ET suits :clap:

@SwingSwang the executive pack was a pre-order bonus but part of the gold & CE additional content


I know that. The whole Collectors Pack being released for Gold Edition Buyers divided the CE Purchasers and the Gold Edition Purchasers. Personally I believe that the pack should of been with the Gold Edition since launch especially since having 4 days early access to the game doesn’t exactly hold up 2 months after release.


Despite being a cosmetic only item, the suit thing has always bothered me since most of it’s locked out content. Either by elusive targets you have to wait months for or by IOI simply not giving them out despite the fact that they’re all ready to go. It’s pretty annoying. I can imagine even more annoying for the people who had most of them in H1. They’re in the game files, they’re ready to go but no. Nothing.

It was mentioned in this thread not that long ago but giving out the with gloves suits for level masteries makes the most sense. You already get suits for doing the elusive targets and they just so happen to be the best suits in the game, so why can’t us suit-fanciers be given a break for the ones on specific levels? The community is split 50/50 on the elusive targets thing as it is.


3 words; brown leather briefcase