47's walking animation and why I love it and how it's incorporated into the game

I’ve always felt rather torn between how detection worked in this game versus the games that came after it, but one thing I did really like about it was that it really helped characterize 47.

Obviously, running or doing anything suspicious around guards will compromise you, so instead, you have to sneak around or walk most places. It takes a lot more time, but I like how 47 acts completely inconspicuous as he walks. Even after he just killed one or more people and is in danger of potentially getting caught. He tells himself to remain cool and to look sharp, and he does. As far as anyone else around him is concerned, he’s just a gruff looking but unassuming man just going about his day. He can get caught and killed at any time, but he stands tall and exudes confidence. A lesser hitman would break under the pressure.

It really brings home the idea that he’s someone who’s been trained since birth to be the ultimate assassin and how damn good at his job he is, even after not doing it for a year or so. Add that with his inner turmoil over his existence and his relationship with his mentor Padre, and it all makes for a very fascinating character.

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Completely agree with you. 47 is not the greatest assassin in history because he’s a genetically enhanced super soldier; that’s just a bonus that helps him out from time to time. The fact that the Mr 48s, Victoria, and even Sanchez in some ways, were all physically superior to him is a testament to that. What makes him the best is how he thinks and his detachment from his emotions when on the job. The Sniper Assassin description of him as “a man comfortable in his own skin”, as well as a “social chameleon”, and “a ghost, seldom noticed, and never remembered” really says it all.

One of my favorite things about these games is the exit, knowing I’m carrying lethal weapons and someone just died by my hand a few moments ago, yet I’m making this guy just stroll right on, knowing that even pushing the wrong button will break his cover, but you feel like you’re strutting right along with 47 to his extraction point, away from the killing ground, and out into the world again. It’s a thrill that can make your mouth water.


I love this, and revel in this especially when I do a good run. Sometimes I walk out as casually and slowly as I can as that triumphant exit music is playing. Love it.