4th Wall Breaks

Something I love in my entertainment is 4th wall breaks. They always catch me off-guard and make me chuckle, so I was wondering what 4th wall breaks you guys have seen in the Hitman games?

Two I can remember:

When I went on a rampage, killing all civilians in a not-very-stealthy way (I think it was in Sapienza), one guy was cowering repeating “it’s only a video game, it’s only a video game” to himself.

I got spotted knocking someone out in the white pre-order bonus suit, and followed the witness to a guard, where the following dialogue happened:

Witness: “He was wearing a white suit, like you get for pre-ordering the game.”
Guard: “Really? Nice!”


Not sure if it technically counts as a 4th wall break, but one of the Middle Eastern targets in Silent Assassin has a bunch of Hitman games in his bunker.

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Speaking of H2 SA, in Shogun Showdown, a computer can be found with the game “Freedom Fighters” on pause. Not sure if that counts either, as much as it’s an Easter Egg, but hey…


Also in the PC cafe in Mumbai there’s Hitman: Silent Assassin running on one PC. So Hitman exists as a video game franchise in the Hitman universe. :thinking:


More of a fun Easter Egg, but certainly raises an interesting point:

I would definitely say Easter Eggs are different, but no less fun! :smiley:

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Don’t forget Rocco has “Sniper Challenge” playing on his PC in his bedroom in Sapienza. And in the 2007 movie, when 47 rappels from his room into the one below him, the room he crashes into has 2 kids playing “Blood Money.”

In my headcanon, IOI is actually contracted by the ICA to make Hitman games as part of 47’s cover. Normally, if you saw a bald man with a barcode tattoo on his head running around, you might be suspicious. But since the Hitman games exist within the Hitman universe, now you just think it’s some guy cosplaying as 47 and not 47 himself.


In Hitman: Blood Money when 47’s standing in a corner and the camera zooms in,
in the right angel it seems that 47’s looking at the player. I took this always as a fourth wall break,
even if 47’s probably looking around while you can’t see it during the regular angel of the camera.

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There are only two wall breaks in the Hitman franchise as far as I’m aware.

There’s one in Tubeway Torpedo, that has a wall you need to break with a minibomb in order to get access to the sewers and the exit.

The second wall break is in Sapienza where you can break a wall using any kind of explosive to gain an extra passageway to the lab.

So I think we should at least wait for the third wall break before discussing the fourth.



In the bank, you can damage a wall in the vault. Does this count as a wall break? Or does it not? Perhaps it only counts as half. We may never know.

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