5 Featured Contracts "Party Crashers" - May '19

Raising the Bar

Optional Complication: Hide All Bodies

Party On! @Philipp

Water Way to Go @KevinRudd

Optional Complication: No Disguise Change

Drivers Wanted @G-Money

Optional Complications: Targets Only, Do Not Get Spotted, No Recordings, No Bodies Found

Happy Hippo Party @Akira23X

Optional Complications: Do Not Get Spotted, No Bodies Found, Hide All Bodies

Congratz all again!


Yay, my multiple submissions paid off (Well not really, since they picked my 1st one anyway :stuck_out_tongue:), I’m chuffed :slight_smile:

Only one I don’t like the look of is the one where there are 5 different kill methods, that’s going to be annoying to have to manually look up each target before I kill them. The rest look good and straightforward!


5 again. Sweet Lord. Why to keep slowing the obtention of the Toolbox?

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Happy Hippo Party I liked.
Drivers Wanted… Seems like a good deal of set up at first.
Water Way to Go… What is it with Kevin and his Sapienza contracts with nearly impossible targets to kill? :laughing: I didn’t see any way of getting SA and didn’t care by the time I got all the targets killed (+30 minutes?).

What I did...

2 kills were witnessed, but I was never compromised. The woman on the beach… I had to place a PT by her and blew her up (and with no collateral damage amazingly). 2 other targets I was actually able to push into the water without getting spotted.

eta: I’m betting a lot of coin distractions and/or setting coins down are the key to most of the kills. :thinking:

I’ll get to Party On! and Raising the Bar tomorrow.


Raising The Bar 2:10 @Urben

Very good contract:+1: and congratulations to all the other players presented!


Wow you really… set the bar high. :joy:

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The contract is so good that I want to play it again :en riant:

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Congratulaions to all members who got selected for the Party Casher Featured theme!!!

I had the bad luck to try ‘‘Water Way To Go’’ first and I have to say I am very surprised this contract made it to the top5!!!

Apart from being ‘‘hard’’ to get SA , it has a lot of randomness with witnesses spotting from far away and the fall accidents turn the model target to a boring fetch-coin-drug kill…

Yay fall accident :sleeping:
The other 4 targets were easy and would have actually been a good speedrun contract of 3 or less minutes.The most frustrating part though was the random reaction of the suit-man to the tranquilizer shot at the beginning , when he either falls into the water or he refuses to :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it seems so far I am the only one out of 52 who had the patience (1,5 hours) to complete this SA and I will probably never try this again to improve my strategy.

P.S.May I suggest that next time we submit contracts for Featured Theme , we MUST include a SA screenshot of our own completion of the contract??? @KevinRudd Please do not take this whole message personally as I generally liked your creativity to this and other contracts!!!


The Sapienza one requires to use a sniper rifle for efficiency. Any of the Siegers that isn’t the Ghost variant has the power to knock people with a bodyshot without killing them, so all you have to do is lure them to a ledge and shoot them anywhere except the head to make them fall.


A quick side note: if a bullet penetrates through two legs of a target, he/she will immediately die.

Yeah, I got to say, @KevinRudd. This contract feels frustrating, I had a hard time finding a way to kill the model target. Something new for me is this is one of the few sniper contracts which I didn’t bring Sieger 300 Ghost, and I learned a few things from this one.

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Congratulations to the winners!!
@Urben @Philipp @Akira23X @Gmoney2775 @KevinRudd


I think the issue for many will be that @KevinRudd considers getting SA rating as optional, but for me, and I’m sure many others, not getting an SA isn’t an acceptable outcome. It’s an OCD thing. I have SA on every FC so far. So getting one isn’t “optional” as far as I’m concerned. This means that his really difficult to SA Contracts leave a sour taste in the mouth of those who really struggle with them. Also, it sounds like once again, luck plays a big part in this contract from him. That’s infuriating to many I’m sure, as we could fail after putting in a lot of work through no fault of our own.


I only dislike the gal at the beach. She is a tedious target. All the other ones at least offer chances to get them in a position that benefits you.


Exactly!!!Thank you,I couldn’t describe it better!! I have the same OCD with SA on every FC :wink:

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Agreed. I will add the male target (white tank top) who’s kissing his girlfriend as a hard target, too. Sometime he just didn’t fall into the sea after his left legs was shot.

Those legshots make it sound rather gimmicky. Not sure I’m a fan.
Obtainable SA rating non-dependent on luck is the first and foremost thing that should be checked and guaranteed when submitting I think.

I always make sure I have a foolproof walkthrough video ready when I submit.


Weird. Everytime I took a shot at him he fell without problem. Maybe it’s the angle or place you are shooting him.

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Is a legshot absolutely necessary? I have not performed a single legshot in my Hitman career and would prefer to not have to start now.


Just shoot at the torso.

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Yeah, that could be a problem. I shot from the church tower, aimed at right side of the lowest stair. He came to investigate the sound, and I shot his left leg. Sometimes he would lose his balance and fall, otherwise he got up. Guess that was physic playing tricks at me.