90% SilverBaller KWC 1911 Airpistol

Hello, this is my modified KWC 1911 Airpistol with functional real steel parts. Modifications include a extended slide release and safety, target sights, Heavily narrowed Goldcup trigger and pachmayr grips. I also acid etched the little logo on the rhs. The real steel parts were a pain to source here in the UK.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have… I do have more picture but am not allowed to upload any more.
I also acid etched the little logo on the rhs.


Wow!Looks beautiful,I’d love to have one like this :smiley:

Looks beautiful. I’m going for the Blackballer replica and I want to do it on a WE 1911 gas blowback. I choose WE because it has no logos on it and its easy to engrave it.
I would like to know if the front and rear sight are detachable and how hard is to get off the Medallion on the grip?

I would also love to see it when its 100% done

Hi, yes to both your questions. Front sight is press fitted and glued but can be knocked out with a punch. Rear sight is held in the dovetail via grub screws. And lastly the medalions in the grips are screwed in from the back. :slight_smile:

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Screwed in, you say? Where did you get the grips?

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Wooaaaa cool. Good to know. And yes like Zyras_Marek said, where did you get the grips? Can you give us a link please?

you can buy them on ebay :smile:

I bought mine on ebay yonks ago. But indoubt Brownels can get them for you for a pretty penny… £40 plus postage

No Silver colored ballers in HITMAN. Remember?

But they still exist in previous games, silly goose. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooo. Beautiful replica. Well done. :smile:

Nice. You can actually engrave more details. There are bunch of numbers and words on it.

Acid etching one small design is one thing but etching a pefect set of letters and numbers perfectly uniform is beyond my skill. I could pay for it to be done by someone with the skill and the right kit but it would cost as much as the pistol itself.

Also never understood the whole “custom slide” written on the side

There are people who do that shit. But yeah it costs.

When a slide is customized by a company, such as the one that likely did it for 47, they put that on there to basically say ‘we did this. cool, huh?’

I just mean its tacky :stuck_out_tongue:

Might have found a way to do text using vinyl letters. Huzzah

Hi there, I never asked, but was the pistol engraved or you bought it just like this? With no writings on it.

If I’m not mistaken KWC is part of Cybergun and I can’t find anything unmarked. I’m currently doing my replica on the Cybergun Colt series 70. It is marked, but I took it to a special place to remove them and add the Hitman logo.

Hello, if I remember correctly it was branded down the side in paint, it was called a Tanfoglio Witness. I used paint stripper, then fine wire wool to polish.

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Can I ask where which slide catch and sights you used as I thought they were proprietary.