$99.99 to unlock Hitman 2 Gold levels in Hitman 3?

Why this insane price, i bought the Hitman 1 levels for Hitman 2 for just $19.99, but i no longer have Hitman 2, i want to unlock the levels, do they plan to fix this insane price?, here is the PS Store link:


I can buy a hitman 2 cd for $12 but i still would need to pay $39.99 for the 4 gold levels, that is crazy, does anyone has any info on an easier cheaper way?.

Must be wrong, an error from Playstation Store? Because that’s really expensive :grimacing:.

Confused, or is it the price for both Hitman 1 and 2? It’s cheaper than buying Hitman 1-2 separately form Playstation Store.

Standard Edition Levels $59.99


Gold Only Edition Levels $39.99


they offer the base Hitman 2 levels for Hitman 3 for $59.99
they offer the 4 Gold DLC Hitman 2 levels for Hitman 3 for $39.99
And both packs for $99.99

Meaning they sell the levels as full price when the games were released new. i woulnt had purchased Hitman 3 if i knew this before.

Okay so…

…this is your best option I think.

they had the gold edition for $24.99 until yesterday, but i waited for the passes instead to just unlock the levels, i didnt needed the ps4 game, and in the release date they put all full price. that sucks.

Did you play Hitman 1-2 on the same IO-I account? If so, isn’t your games
registered there?

Like this?:

If so, I would believe you can just download everything you have previous bought, I haven’t recieved my copy of Hitman 3 yet, so I don’t know the prosess.

Okay, then you have to buy Hitman 2 again and then buy the 4 gold levels or maybe buy Hitman 2 and buy the GOTY update?


Can’t be bought that one, then I have no more ideas, sorry :flushed:.

Must have been pre-order price.

Okay, what a bummer.

No, i never used an IOI Acount, i just purchased the hitman 1 levels on my Hitman 2 CD copy.

I was able to download the hitman 1 levels because of purchasing hitman 1 levels for the second one, but Hitman 3 needs the installation of hitman 2 to unlock the levels and i gave the cd away.

And my hitman 2 was not gold so i would need to buy the 4 gold levels.

Thanks, but i will wait because paying $52 for the levels when yesterday was $24 is stupid.

no it was the full hitman 1 and 2 game for PS4 at 80% discount and the ended the discount today.