A Gilded Cage - Strandberg's Alternate Lockdown Route

First of all apologies if this information isn’t new but I don’t think anybody has posted about this before. If they have, please merge my thread with another topic or whatever. I think it’s worth its own thread though.

Whilst playing on Marrakesh recently, I was shooting people inside the consulate when Strandberg went into ‘lockdown’ and instead of running towards the basement level like normal, he ran down the stairs and right out of the front entrance of the building and through the crowd to get to the shoe shop end point. I thought it was quite funny but it got me thinking, what do you have to do to get this to happen everytime or is it random?

I started detonating bombs/shooting in different places in the consulate but no matter what, Strandberg would always ‘lockdown’ towards the basement. I started thinking it had something to do with the Elite Soldier who stands near the basement level and becomes Strandberg’s first bodyguard during lockdown. However, even when he is dead and lockdown is triggered afterwards, it changes nothing.

I eventually found that there is a sweet spot in the level, just at the top of the back entrance stairs leading to the second floor, wherein if a gunshot is fired or bomb detonated, Strandberg will always take the front entrance out of the building. He needs to be in the right area of the building for it to happen or he doesn’t actually go into lockdown at all.

Since finding the right algorithm to make this happen, I had some fun exploiting the route and make a short video. It also explains exactly how to make it all happen. Hope you like it :slight_smile: