A hitman mission in ireland would be nice

what do you think? i think so


No reason why not but a specific idea is likely to work better as a request.

I love Ireland! No idea where exactly the mission should take place though.

It would be funny to throw a target off the Cliffs of Moher, but they wouldn’t make a great level. Maybe a typical Irish village (featuring a whiskey distillery ofc) during a festival? Then the target could be some prominent person leading/funding it.


A mission in a village/city without any souls…, could be a mean location and the corky-disguise would be op as f. :ok_hand:

Target = Jack the Potato Farmer
Location = Irish Pub
Kills = Electricity on the riverdance dance floor, Lethal poison guiness, Crushed by a pot of gold
Vip NPCs: Saint patrick, irish mickey D and JohnsVideos

Sorry, making jokes about ireland is way too easy :stuck_out_tongue:


Target is a former loyalists paramilitary member (UVF)

Wife and I went to Northern Ireland a while back and loved it. A town on the coast named Portrush was our favorite place. A level set there would probably just feel like Sapienza with less sun though. :rofl:

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A Sapienza with less sun would be exellent!

jack the potato farmer, irish mickey d that was funny dude.

T’would be a grand idea, to be sure, to be sure.

And his hot headed business partner modeled after Connor McGregor. :stuck_out_tongue: One of the mission stories makes him punch someone in a pub.

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Would be nice with a small irish picturesque village with gardens and a hedge maze. Some medieval ruins, steep cliffs and a lighthouse from where you can snipe your targets.

And coming in maldives we can have a reskin of soap.make it green and clean as whistle.lol😄

would constant rain be a problem for graphics?!