A house built on sand - strategy spoiler discussion

I’ve started playing this mission - a wonderful breath of fresh air from “a gilded cage”. It’s not perfect, but a bit of variety goes a long way.

What are your favorite strategies?

So far

  • “Dropping the F bomb” and the casually collecting the documents is a simple way to get two birds with one stone, but it feels very rewarding
  • Sniping the gas heater is fun - but the major downside is that you have to collect the documents from the rooftop later on.

I was disappointed that it is not possible to disguise as Mendola and rolling into the shisha Den like a a trojan horse


I agree that disguising as Mendola would have been a good opportunity.

I find the fortune teller kill of Mendola quite fun, and then I would probably poison the Kong’s pibe in the cafe… He does like a good pibe!


That would be great. Reminds me of Bjarkhov Bomb.

I really like to use the different disguises to lure Mendola to somewhere secluded and take him out there. The fortune teller kill is also fantastic.
I also like to poison the food he eats and kill him by the trashcan he vomits in.
This is one of the better missions IMO.


Is there any way to get Kong out of the shisha den other than escorting Mendola to the roof top?

I am hoping to snipe them there, but it doesn’t make sense to infiltrate the rooftop first, then exfiltrating and taking a shot from a distance.

I don’t believe so.

Also, it annoys me a bit that the meeting will never happen unless you escort Mendola yourself. At least not that I have experienced. Seems like one of those triggers that need to happen regardless after som time.

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I really like the fortune teller kill. I like to wait until 47 says “I see… death” to perform it. ;

As far as non-main strategies go I am quite fond of getting rid of Kong’s private security guy (usually by putting a gun on the floor in the staff room and then getting a waiter in there with a distrction, who then tells the guy), then entering his little VIP section as a waiter (frisk searched) to fiber wire him while he’s in there.

It’s a nice little mission.

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I agree. I get that his bodyguard is sick so can’t escort him. But it would be cool if you could trigger him to move somehow. Maybe by making him become ‘well’ again so that he does escort him. By finding some meds or something.

Similar to the camera lens/interviewer in Paris

You can use walkie talkie before Mendola arrives

Yes but you still need to infiltrate the rooftop where the meeting takes place and then leave again, which was what Amp wanted to avoid. The closest thing you’ll get is that you don’t have to lead Mendola up, only to the base of the stairs.

I love this mission, but would have been even better if Kong went outside the cafe without a trigger. Mendola is a much more interesting target because of his route and what you can do to him.

Way to steal my thread amps :wink:

I would have liked the documents to stay on Mendola’s body so when the guards bag him up and take him to the nearest secluded area, they’ve transported the documents for you.

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what thread are you talking about

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I complained about this in another thread and the reply I got from apparently one of the designers was they tried to have an organic way to meet but it kept causing issues when a guard would try to escort him or some shit like that. basically pretty much translates to We arent good coders

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No, it doesn’t.

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wasnt aware you are a professional coder. cus last i checked I am. and some of the mistakes they made are very ameateur to say te least

Alright then, help them out with the code if they’re so shit at it. You’re a professional coder.

yeah let me give up my chief engineer position to fly to sweden to become a team lead at best. get real dude. IO is grown men. they can handle criticism. and the simple fact is they clearly made some mistakes in their script queueing mechanisms for npcs because their npc abstraction could be better.

just look at the way the script interruptions are handled. a lot times when an npc gets frozen in place instead of continuing is because they dont have proper timeout and error handling in place. this is super glaring in Hitman. NPc’s obviously at times dont know what to do next



It’s kinda the same thread. I don’t care just banter :slight_smile:


It does feel like that IO consists of loads of environmental artists and 3D Modellers and like 1 or 2 coders.