A house built on sand - strategy spoiler discussion

Walkie talkie of the guard on the rooftop, where the gas heater is

As soon as you go onto the roof where the meeting takes place, you’ll hear a guard (not by the waiter, the other one) speaking to someone. He’s on a walkie talkie. Kill/Subdue him and you can tall Kong to the meeting area without needing Mendola.

Were you the first to find that?


Well duh. /s not/s


It’s from the Summer Bonus Episode Mega Thread.

krainert wrote:

To be quite frank I don’t see how this very vague explanation can be used to conclude that the problem was that they’re not good coders. I mean, that may also be accurate, I wouldn’t know, but the problems certainly could be design based, not bug/glitch based.
Like maybe in playtests it led to some very confusing results?

here you go

I wonder what the major drawbacks were. Doesnt seem like it would be that hard to have him just go up the stairs at the end of his already ridiculously long route…

It was indeed a design problem. Without going into the details, we didn’t want to make the level too silly by having some trivial means for 47 to alleviate the bodyguards’ incompetence and enable them to pick up Mendola; we didn’t want a convoluted design to obscure the situation and the possible ways for 47 to manipulate the targets; and we didn’t want to sacrifice the predictability of Mendola’s core behaviour and introduce events which we could not elegantly communicate by introducing a timer. In the end, we were pretty happy with the design and how the level played so we stuck with it. That said, I agree that an elegant alternative way of triggering the meeting would be an improvement, but that’s a lesson learned for the future! :slight_smile:


You guys did a great job on AHBOS, really love it. The only thing that would make it even better was more possibilities to kill Kong.


How I did it.
One shot double kill. So/Sa.



Hey Welcome to HMF :slight_smile:

Nice trick shot aha


I think that’s an area where the hardcore fans and the new comers are split on. I think ideally would be a way to satisfy both sides so maybe light timers but currently there could be more timers involved

Thanks. It took a few tries to get the timing down :slight_smile:

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You got that collat accident kill :wink:

Yeah.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I love the clever level design that makes you feel like you’ve tricked the game into letting you get certain kills. The kill felt less orchestrated than others especially as the one target doesn’t conveniently wait around in the correct spot & it requires timing.

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It’s good aha, the waiting for the right moment. There’s a few game mechanics that are stupid though like NPCs see you throw bomb and don’t care :’)

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Lol you just couldn’t resist could ya haha

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I am enjoying the heck out of this level, much more than The Icon, they’ve really made the market come alive. Not sure why it’s so much cooler at night, but it is. The whole “retrieve the documents” thing seems kind of unnecessary though, as you just have to retrieve them off the body. Maybe if he could have stashed them somewhere (or give them to his trusted bodyguard) it might have added some intrigue.

Gotta love all the hippie dopeheads hanging out at the school, though. If I had my bohemian outfit from Sapienza I’d fit right in!


You know me :smirk:

First time I waited too long and missed the kill oprtunity since I like the conversation too much… once I approach him again when he left and ask if he wanted maybe “reply session” he refuses… here come my loading game to hand… (even though it was bugged and the KILL option from conversation start was missing :wink: so I just restart level (since it’s a quick nice level why not :blush:)