A little skill in Hitman2016:Quick Interact

Press Esc ,holding down the ‘item using’ key ,then press Esc by once more.Deal


So what this thing is all about?
I don’t see anything special or unusual

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This is quick interaction in Hitman2016

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skipping the hold G interaction

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It’s mostly used as a fast exit in Hitman 2, but it can be used on everything that requires holding G, Triangle or the xbox button for interactions.

Like here at 2:55 I use it to skip holding down the interaction button to fix the tuk tuk and I use it to exit with the tuk tuk.

I don’t think making a new thread is necessary, we have a thread where you can share tips, tricks and discovered things. Things About Hitman You Just Found Out


Feel free to win a game first.

Hang on, this is something I must have missed. What do I do to repeat this? I use Xbox, so to avoid holding Y I do something with the item menu? I think I do it by accident sometimes but don’t know what it is, I usually hold down Y until the circle is full.

Open up inventory (with < or > ), exit inventory (B), then press Y.
You need to be quick with pressing Y after you exit the inventory. It will take couple minutes to get used to.

You can practice it best by by skipping to hold Y when you’re gonna poison a drink. Just repeat it until you get it.
But once you learn it then you can even do the fast prompt while running.

Like this at 0:25