A New Life vs Another Life


Although ‘Another Life’ resembles the name from Blood Money’s ‘A New Life’, I think it’s a excellent name for the mission and very fitting. With both missions, the name fits the situation extremely well.

A New Life: A former drug smuggler goes into witness protection program and continues his life living in a quiet neighbourhood with his wife and kids. From being a nasty criminal to lazy father in the suburbs of San Diego. He took a 180 degree turn in his life, which makes the mission name ‘A New Life’ very well chosen.


Another Life: What looks like a rip-off of the Blood Money suburbs mission name turns out as fitting as the previous one. KGB officer Janus, once a very powerful man and founder of the big ‘Ark Society’ has to give up on leading because of his age and health state. He hands everything over to The Contant and he himselfs choose to live his life peacefully and quiet, moving to a friendly neighbourhood in Whittleton Creek. Janus also took the 180 degree from being a once very powerful KGB officer and Society leader to the grumpy old man next door.

What may look like a name rip-off at first is actually not only a fun nod, but a very well chosen and fitting mission name. What are you guys opion on this?

  • A New Life
  • Another Life

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If we’re talking mission names I like Another Life! Dude seems like an innocent old man with hella money and boring hobbies on the surface but as you progress through the mission you find out more and more about the Ark Society and his connection with it. Two lives amigo. I guess you could also interpret it as “Another Life To Take”. Smart title I guess, yeah it’s a nice detail


Another Life by a country mile or well an Upstate Vermont mile. I find it as a better colour palette since it is in autumnal New England, it has much better targets in terms of story, characterisation and routes. It has more opportunities for kills. It uses the suburbia premise and subversion to its fullest extent and exceeding it in some cases. Also I much prefer the gritty detective work in finding the clues and I like having two distinct handlers with varied personalities.


Add a POLL and let people vote! :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought there would be one but I think it will be in ANL favour since many dislike the clue finding.:frowning_face:


Both missions are among my favourites in the series, the simplicity is what makes them stand out. It’s a testament to brilliant level design and that bigger and better doesn’t always equal best.

I hope to see more of these kinds of levels in the future. I think it’s one of the levels that needs the most attention, because it proves that small levels can be just as good if not better than the bigger ones.


I actually wanted to make this exact topic within a few weeks but this guy beat me to it! :joy:

I haven’t reached this level yet and I am not reading much into spoilers but I do hope it’s not a lazy rip off of New Life where the concept of “fan service” is pushed too far…


Wow your are one slow player. And no it is not a fanservicey level all in all there is about one true blue BM reference and it is not related to ANL at all.


I spend more time looking at this forum than playing the game lol.


Another Life most likely will exceed ANL for most players and hopefully you will find it better too.:grinning:


I procrastinate way too much on the levels tho haha and I’m not slow in skill. I could easily finish the game from beginning to end within 5 days but I never go to the next level until I hit full mastery and even then I explore the levels to look at the various pieces of dialogue and other stuff.

I pretty much pretend it’s an episodic game lol.


It is in every sense the sequel to A New Life, but in the same way Blade runner 2049 is a sequel to the original. It builds upon the already brilliant foundation of what came before. It’s a masterful experience and don’t let the premise for you into thinking it’s a lazy excuse to use a cookie cutter formula.


Well lucky for you WC is probably the second smallest level in the game but it makes up for its size in complexity of subplots and goingson in the level.


You know what, these two levels are two of my favourites in the whole series, however, another life gets my vote.


How big is it in comparison to Bangkok(smallest location in S1)?


Oh uh maybe bigger maybe? Unlike Bangkok it is much more lived in than the hotel.



But size doesn’t equal quality


Difficult to say because Bangkok is more vertical while Another Life is quite flat.


I agree. But I meant in terms of volume of landmass…


It’s all about the motion of the ocean, huh?