A New Life vs Another Life


I, I, I… I have no words to describe that thing you have drawn. I mean every offence in the hopes you never recreate something like that again.

JK, I am mostly joking.:grinning:


Well you know I put a lot of hard work into it so I’d maybe appreciate it if you didn’t insult my art and then further disrespect me by trying to play it off as a joke. Just a suggestion.


Another Life because the character of Janus and his spy history and his backstory are more interesting than Vinnie’s “psycho gangster” personality


Play it off as a joke?? Mate I was joking. But out of deference to you I will delete my post.


Hell even Nolan Cassidy is a more meaningful character than Vinnie.


i dont like both of them, but at least A New Life didnt force me to collect damn clues, so i’ll go with that one.


Uhh the microfilm? Doesn’t that count? There are more steps and waiting involved getting the necklace than the 8mm in Another Life.


I was joking ya dingus lol, that shit ain’t even my drawing. Stick your post back up


I had the sneaking suspicion that the case but I was kinda harsh.


Its not a bad art though. Much better than anything I could draw!


Another Life is the better mission but those stupid clues with Diana and Lucas talking every two seconds make playing it a chore. Which is why I still choose A New Life over it.

That microfilm wasn’t completely static and it didn’t interrupt the pacing of the mission either.

There are more steps and waiting involved in getting 3 clues than getting the microfilm in A New Life though.


Well, you get to interact with Vinnie’s hot wife to obtain that which is good… :grin:


I guess but every lady in the game was a butter face or “fun sized”.

I am a shallow prick


Just like Nolan Cassidy then :stuck_out_tongue:


when you got the FBI Disguise from the Van, just go straight to the indoor pool area, vinnies wife is there alone and knock her out, drag her in the bathroom - done.
no need to find a device to read that damn thing and then go collect two other clues as well.


Different strokes I guess. I sigh a little knowing the inferior level is being picked for a little extra grunt work. Having to recover intel and doing pre-mission (like At the Gates) while in a mission is inspired.

Nah, Vinnie is shallower, kiddie pools have more depth than him.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey, that is rude lol. She may have a plastic face but she got a bombastic bod!


And some women have BOTH. Also she is a cheater and dim-witted. Not my type


I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept with every bodyguard in that level. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Hey there handsome, how would like to guard this body”- Mrs Sinistra 2005