A New Life vs Another Life


Who wants to take bets on if and/or when Forthe will show up and ream out the level for the clues existing? Anyone?


Ok, so let’s compare Hokkaido mission to “Shogun Showdown” from H2… both have snow, both are in Asian-like country etc…
Another Life and A New Life comparision is pointless, both are totaly different missions with some similarities in mood. You can say that you like better mood from HBM etc, but you can’t compare these two missions, the Another Life is WAY better in every mechanical and visual aspect. Its game from 2018 vs game from 2006…

For me Another Life is a worst mission in H2, it’s rushed, not polished, have worst optimalisation, most bugs and there is wasted potential overwall because is clearly RUSHED. But still like it, just i can’t understand why other missions are so perfect designed, and this one is not…


As in bash the level? Forthe actually gave it a solid 10/10 in his map review tho.


Really? I thought he would have given the level -1 out of ten for the clues. Holy shit I lost my own bet, I am not surprised I lost to myself.


Hot take: The clues as an objective are actually good. As there’s multiple ways to complete each one spread around the map, and none of them are that difficult to get, it’s an excellent experience on the first run finding them all and in later runs it adds an interesting dynamic as you choose which ones are the most convenient. They’re far more open than, for example, the virus in Sapienza where you are forced to enter the bio lab.


Different strokes indeed, the clues to me are nothing but a long chore.

Hotter take: maybe they’re not outright difficult, but they’re still frustrating to get as most of them are either on the edges of the map or force you to access the last floors of every house.

To me, in subsequent runs it’s nothing more than a hindrance to replayability due to the reasons I gave above.

It’s not inspired at all since Diana and Lucas handhold you waaay too much when Intel-searching, you can’t eavesdrop on critical information because both of them add their stupid comments while repeating what the NPCs said a second ago. They treat you like an idiot who can’t gather Intel on his own.

Nah, Vinnie is better than Nolan in every way, because Cassidy is 100% lame.

The game hypes him as this badass head of security who spies on the whole neighborhood, who had previously worked as consultant for a Providence drug cartel after being let go from his military job following 47’s assassination of Veep Morris. Surely he’d make a great target, right?

Then when you actually play the mission you find out he’s just a scrawny guy in a slim suit who couldn’t even convince a pest company to remove their equipment. He’s so lame that he doesn’t even fight back, at least Vinnie had that badass revolver to defend himself with.

Cassidy suffers from the Ken Morgan-Sean Rose Syndrome which is an apt name as all 3 characters are voiced by the same actor.


Vinnie Sinistra was also built up to be a big ticket gangster but he is just another whiny entitled Suburbanite Yank with a TV addiction. All he does is whine and whine and whine (and watch football because he is Hispanic) not even Janus (a defector from the Soviet Union) whines about being in suburbia as much and at least we can cheer him up. Vinnie is pathetic and his route is terrible.

Also the game makes it clear the Nolan was a security consultant and NOT a soldier. He is a thinker agent not an out-and-out fighter, he is not great at communicating with normal people because he has spent so long being a military man, his overzealous security measures betray what he really wants. He wants to guard the Veep again, it was the high point of his career most likely and it was stolen from him due to events not even HE could discern.


That was purely based on hype though. But yeah, Whittleton Creek is much, much better than isle of sgail and hawke’s bay, that is for sure.

Not a single map deserves a 10/10 rating, no map is perfect. Yes, not even Paris, allthough that’s the one that comes closest to perfection.

As for the clues, i don’t like those either, but atleast there are 7 of them, and not just 3, so you can(especially the roleplayers i guess, speedrunners will always go for the fastest clues) mix it up a bit, atleast for the first couple of playthroughs.

The map is a lot of fun for contracts though, and my biggest wish for the map is to have a 2nd suit starting location.


The best and fastest way to obtain clues are:

  • Documents in Shelter near Cassidy House,
  • Tape in Kitchen, Cassidy House,
  • Janus Letter in Kitchen, Cassidy House


The only thing that really bugs me about this map is the 1 start location in suit. They should’ve been a start location in suit at each of the 4 corners. That would really open up the map, especially in other non-story modes like contracts. If that’s considered op, then at least 1 more at the opposite corner of the current suit default spot.

There’s also no music on the map during contracts, even you kill a target. Likely a bug but annoying at this time.



Fastest clues are:

  • The clue on Nolan’s bodyguard
  • The clue that’s buried in the garden
  • The clue in the shed of betty’s garden.


Don’t neccesarily need 4, but we do need 2 at the very least. I would already be happy with just 1 more diagonally across from the one we have right now (so near the garbage guys).


Ya that’s what I was saying if it was considered maybe op. But at least at the opposite corner. That really bugs me about this map.


I already said it first :S then again im much faster than you. Nice to see you back on the forum m8


Actually you just repeated what I said in my quote. I said should have had at each corner but if op then at least at opposite corner which would be garbage truck. I just agreed with you agreeing with me.

So try to keep up slow poke ;p
I’m back, baby!! Was just avoiding spoilers.


I said this way before your initial post, nice try though.


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I already said this while streaming back in November when i first played the map. So no, i said this way before you.

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I was in that stream as well, so I can confirm forte statement.


another life is better in every aspect and its not even close. you cant compare graphics and gameplay and voice acting in the year 2018 and 2019 to a game from the year 2006. was a new life good? sure. but hitman 2 is just a better game then bloodmoney. both missions have good stories