A New Life vs Another Life


If it weren’t for the clues, Another Life could have been (IMHO) Hitman 2’s best map.


It’s hard. I like Another Life better in almost every way. There is one giant thing that annoys me though: another life feels a lot like an unfinished piece of work. So many of the lives and stories in the level feel like great ideas that just weren’t finished. So many small details (like the couple at the party, walking around the house) that arent used for anything at all. It also makes very little sense to me that it has so few mastery levels. Just make it twenty and add stuff like the katana and the antique syringe. In short the level is good but it also reminds me way too much of all the ‘fast’ solutions in this game. A new life feels like it actually fulfills the role it was meant to, which is why i voted for that even though Another Life is obviously a better level that just doesnt live up to its potential


Both are way overrated for me


But can you do this?


This is why A New Life takes the cake. Get the FBI to kill the target for you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yeah, but can you do this in A New Life?



I agree, the rake alone makes another life a million times better haha


Another Life is better, but I still have a sour taste in my mouth whenever I play it about the fact that the story makes no sense and there is no reason whatsoever for 47 to kill Janus. He should be one of the coolest targets, but he’s a bit of a mess.


I liked this comment because of the throwback to LAH lmao


Personally gameplay wise I can’t compare the two levels with each other.

I started this thread to talk about the mission names, and if you guys also think they are fitting to the situation, but it turned out to be a preference discussion. I don’t care though.

I like both, but I don’t have a favorite out of the two. A New Life is basically rich people being lazy, usual neighborhood shit going on. Palm tree’s, sunny weather, backyard pools and one very big accesable manion. What I find kinda odd is how there’s so much FBI around a house of someone in a Witness Protection Program. Is that normal for such situations or is it just me? Normally those two guards in the van and a few inside the mansion would be enough right? Now the whole mansion is filled with FBI :laughing: Apart from that very fun mission, many nostalgic feelings to it. At the time very different from what I was used to, only played Contracts back then, so it was new for me.

Now Another Life is very different compared to ANL. Same concept, American suburbs and killing an protected guy, but very different. AL has a very different feeling to it because of the things going on. First of all you can access most of the houses, which is a big pro compared to ANL, and every accesable house has it’s own story. Janus and his KGB history, Helen and her killer basement, Batty and his lawsuit, Cassidy and his house full of weapons, the rockband house with the secret tunnel, the new family with the barbecue, those two guys with the kids toys, the empty murder house, the old abandoned house and so on. All of them have unique little stories tied to them. At first glance the mission feels like a regular sweet classic american suburb, with the cupcake sellers, the BBQ and the mailman, but hidden in the quiet places there’s nasty stuff.

A New Life was for most players probably a completely new experience, which was loved by most of us from the start and created special nostalgic feelings. Another Life continues on this and tells us little stories with each person living in the street. I like them both as much, can’t pick one since they feel very different.


@Danger_dog_guy_7 The poll is confusing. In the title you are saying this vs that. Meaning which one do you like over other.
In the description you say whether it is not name for Another life.
There is no clear question as to what we are voting in this poll.
The results will be not authentic for whatever you are asking for.
Either post new poll with clear question or take down this poll.


I have to go with “A new life” from Blood Money. I love the new Whittlton Creek “Another life” mission, but “A new life” just takes the edge for me. Maybe it’s just nostalgia, I don’t really know.


When it has only one target and one enterable house, of course its nostalgia


This is going to be a long one. I picked Another Life, but only marginally.
I only got into the Hitman series 2 years ago, but for me the comparison between ‘A New Life’ and ‘Another Life’ is somewhat difficult. When I was a kid Spiderman 2 on the PS2 was my favourite game, and I have fond memories of it. But Insomniac’s Spiderman on the Ps4 is objectively better.
A New Life created the concept of a simple and relatable assassination many of us have come to love. But Another Life is bigger, more detailed and on a grander scale. The clues and Nolan Cassidy I find to be extremely boring respectively, but the level overall and JANUS make this experience something special.


i think AL > NL but AL is missing the damn hedgecutters! they have the full 3D model and it can open and close, they just need to make it an actual weapon! i know they had no time to make new melee animations or whatever, but this would have been so cool


I think Another Life is a much better mission.It’s main and side stories all have way more depth than A New Life which is basically only about Vinnie and his wife though both are pretty shallow and simple characters.
Vinnie can be summed by “Likes to watch tv and is paranoid” and his wife’s only characteristic is that she doesn’t mind cheating on him.
A New Life is a level I really loved when I first played a game but after playing it couple of times I started to realise how incredibly empty and lifeless it is.

Another Life offers a same type of location but adds a huge amount of info you can find out about your targets and locations you visit.Each house has some kind of backstory,neighbors are interacting with one another,you can enter almost every house.It all makes Another Life feel alot more alive and real compared to A New life and overall a more fun level to play.


That’s why I never understand the suburban life hype about A new life.
There is no life in that mission at all.


I think that might be exactly why people like it though? At least that’s why I like it. It’s a weird vibe you get from that level. Should be full of life and noise and happy people but instead you get Jesper Kyd’s creepy ass tunes and the lifeless copy-paste Blood Money character models and bodyguards set against an otherwise comfortable and cheery suburban background. A very “see the world through 47’s eyes” level. I’m not entirely sure all of that was intentional, but it works out pretty great in the end.

And although it’s extremely limited compared to Another Life, or any modern Hitman level for that matter, it was the first level in Blood Money that really opened up and gave you wide open spaces to move around in. Flatline gave the player freedom yeah, but the setting still made it feel very restricted if that makes sense? Like you spent most of your time indoors, and when you weren’t you were surrounded by these super tall walls, unable to see the outside world. Same for Vintage Year, although that level felt restricted because of the hostile and foreign vibe it gave off. It’s still fun thinking of how you’re going to go through the level. If there were more ways to kill Vinnie I think it would hold up extremely well


To be fair you had to collect microfilm in blood money


This is a no-brainier. Another Life is better because level design in H2 in general is better. That being said, there is one aspect in which A New Life surpasses its spiritual successor. A New Life had more focus. It was built entirely around infiltrating single house.

Actually, I would like to suggest somewhat crazy idea. If you want to see the real remake of that old level, you shouldn’t look for it in Vermont. You should look for it in Sapienza. Both maps are built around single well-guarded building with a fair share of public space surrounding it, which has a rough L shape and hugs the main building allowing for several access points. And if you squint really hard, you can even see how tree fort from A New Life serves similar function to an actual fort in Sapienza.