A New Life vs Another Life


Another life did the suburbs thing better in my opinion. The default suit is also probably my favourite yet, here’s hoping I can use it on all missions later.


having multiple houses that could be entered makes the level so much more in-depth than NL. I really wish one or two of them hadn’t been the exact same layout though. Who has a master bedroom that doesn’t directly contain the master bathroom? Apparently everyone in Vermont… the homes also seem to me, to be missing a 2nd upstairs potty.


Well the thing is American suburbs typically are built with the same design plan in mind to save on architectural design time Also if you are over the age of five you no longer have the right to use the word potty.


The treehouse in A new life is way more comfy in my memories. Also it had the FBI instead of some shady gangster security.
Of course it can’t compete with the rich atmosphere of Another life, but each mission has their own ups and downs.

I do not understand why there is a poll in the end? You say both missions have a very fitting name, and then a vote out of nothing.


Blueberry muffin kill FTW.
Another life wins.
image http://5secondsapp.com/ul/7b6e86a8c86941a78cf5cca63f959a81.gif

Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

Is this some glitch where you aim and quickly switch for a kill?


Not a glitch. Muffin/apple/burger cause a little damage. So leg shots on target to lower health, then muffin for the actual kill.


Cool didn’t know it worked this way.


I grew up in the burbs of Chicago. They same design is usually repeated, but not every house. On my block we had the same layout as our neighbours across the culdesac and our neighbours to our left, but there were 2 other layouts intermixed. Then I moved when I was 15 to another burb. Same idea. 3 or 4 layouts on repeat.

Who says I can’t use the word potty!!!


Lmao. Are those three the only so called “non lethal” weapons that do that? I also thought the apple doesn’t even knock people out but just makes them fall. And afaik the burger can’t be thrown so it would be interesting to see how killing with that would work (assuming they are possible kill conditions in the contracts mode).


Not sure. It’s any item that knocks down an npc but doesn’t KO them. If there are other items that do that, I’m unaware.


I thought the burger and muffins KO’d NPC:s. Well that’s changed then.


they still KO if you melee them with it. but they recently made it so that you could throw them at NPCs too