A new update and there's still an issue that hasn't been adressed but it'd help a lot of people, specially us with motor disabilities

As I marked in a reddit post when the game came out, it would be a lot of help if we could toggle the aim button. I’ve seen a lot of quality of life improvements with each update since the game came out, and I’d like to know if they’re working on this, or if it’s acknowledged, or if it simply can’t be done. I know nothing about programming, so I don’t know if it would be too difficult to add this feature.

I wanted to bring attention to this again since many people asked for feats that ended up in the game, so maybe if we voice this again something can be done. It’d help immensely, since it’s hard to keep pressing aim, aim with mouse and then shoot. It can be rebinded to another key but the issue remains, since many times I need my other hand to move/crouch/hide/use instinct while trying to aim and shoot.

In the previous post many people said that even though they don’t have any disability it would be easier for them to toggle aim, specially for sniper rifles. Also, as I’ve said in the earlier post, I’m not trying to find macros or third party software (or hardware) to help with key pressing, I just want to bring attention to a simple feature that maybe (hopefully) it could be easily added and it’d improve the quality of life for the game a lot for some of us.


Hey there. Sorry about your condition. I would like to give you some advice on how to get noticed or raise awareness. :smiley:

IO do monthly Q&A streams where questions like this get answered. Please note I am not guaranteeing it will be noticed or answered but an issue like this IO will take an interest in.So you have a good shot.

They usually scour the forums, subreddits and Twitter feeds for questions in the lead up to the streams. The current one is slated for the 24th of June so try to raise the question again around then. Also try their twitter feed before then as well.

Now their next one is mostly going to be about the new levels coming out but you can always get the date for the next one. If they don’t ask it then. Also try asking in the live stream. Maybe they will see it then to.

Until then try to have fun.:smiley:


I’m pretty sure uncharted 4 did something similar to this. Who knows, IO are pretty good with implementing community ideas so I’d say let them know.

@Travis_IOI. @Clemens_IOI


We already picked this up and I’ve got it noted. No promises at this point, as you might expect, as I have no idea how easily something like this could be added. Thanks for making the request and any new additions will either be mentioned through our streams or through the release notes themselves.


Thanks for acknowledging it! Will be looking forward to all the new upcoming content as always :slight_smile: