A platform for sharing, rating and discovering quality Hitman contracts

Hey forum, long-time lurker here.

After completing all “official” content in Hitman and Hitman 2 I’m looking to contracts to keep the magic going. There are a lot of good contracts scattered in various HMF threads and Reddit discussions. Unfortunately the game doesn’t provide effective tools to find these gems among the huge amount of low-effort content.

I’m a freelance web developer and have been thinking about a project to help the community (and myself) with finding and discussing great player-created contracts. I would appreciate your feedback on the idea.

The Pitch

The “Contracts” feature of Hitman (2) is a great way to keep playing after exhausting all the official content. However, discovering good contracts is difficult.

  • Majority are low-effort or test contracts.
  • The “Most Played” and “Trending” categories favors low-effort contracts aimed at specific challenges and achievements.
  • Contracts need to be manually ported to each platform.
  • No way subscribe to players who create high-quality content.

The idea: create a web-based platform for sharing, rating and discovering great user-created contracts.


Show proposed features


  • Register/Login via third-party provider.
    • Steam
    • Reddit
    • Google/YouTube?
    • Twitch?
    • Discord?
    • Microsoft Live?
  • No email/password login for the first version, keeping things simple.


  • Adding contracts
    • Enter ID, briefing, targets, complications.
    • System will determine contract platform and destination based on ID.
  • Porting contracts to other platforms
    • Allow users to copy/port contracts to other platforms.
    • Get detailed steps on how to reproduce the original contract (target order, etc.)
    • Users may add ported contract IDs to original contract.
    • Ported contracts can be “approved”, either by original contract creator or by other users.
    • Goal: have an “official” version of the contract on every platform.
  • Rate contracts
    • Allow users to rate a contract
    • Scale 1 (bad) to 5 (great)?
    • Promote users with many ratings to “critic”?
      • Integrate a rating system similar to RottenTomatoes with critic and user scores?
    • Goal: have a category of “certified fresh” contracts with high-quality content.
  • Comments?
    • Allow users to add a comment with (or without) their rating?
    • Needs to be moderated, adds liability.
  • Tagging?
    • Allow creators to add (pre-defined?) tags to a contract, e.g. “puzzle” or “sniper”.
  • Contract collections?
    • Create a collection and add any contract.
    • Great for grouping contracts by theme.
    • Maybe “subscribe” to collection?
  • Contract runs?
    • Allow users to add a “run” of the contract with video.
  • Upload an image with your contract?
    • Probably not in first version, adds a lot of complexity and liability.
  • Try to use Hitman servers for importing contracts?
    • Just enter a contract ID, app will pull data from Hitman servers.
    • Would be perfect but probably isn’t possible. (I suspect game/server communication is encrypted or at least needs authentication.)
    • Investigate requests the game sends when adding a contract by ID.
    • Try to contact IOI regarding some kind of API access. (Unrealistic)


  • Add contracts to your favorites.
  • Subscribe to other contract creators and get notified when they post new contracts.

Community management

  • Content moderators?
    • Keep an eye on contract names and briefings.
    • Remove/hide malicious or low-effort contracts.
  • Needs to be a team effort, would like to focus on development.

Would You Join?

What do you think about a platform like this? Would you add your contracts? Rate other people’s contracts? Or be a moderator on the platform?

Looking forward to a discussion!


It sounds good on the paper! There was such a site for H2016 but it got inactive even before H2 was announced: hitmandb.com

What I liked is having an account on there so you don’t need to connect it to third-parties. I am not sure how third party logins work so I rather wait for an in-site account system for privacy reasons. For lazy ones they are surely a good thing which can make them more engaged.

What such a site really needs to get swinging is a very deep search engine. Like “max number of complications”, “no non-optional complications” and so on.

For images you could allow external links like imgur to be not troubled.

Also a comment system would be cool so you can give feedback, not only a rating.


Oh wow, never heard of hitmandb.com. Thanks for the link! The basic functionality is there. There are 537 posted contracts, 178 with ratings, 56 with three or more ratings. Guess it never really took off?

I am not sure how third party logins work so I rather wait for an in-site account system for privacy reasons.

Thing is: a proper in-site account system with passwords needs a way to do a password reset because users will inevitably forget it. Most sites use your email adress to make that possible. I don’t want your email address or any other personal data. I don’t even want to send you emails (which would involve another third-party like Postmark).

So from the developer standpoint third-party logins are easier to integrate and provide better privacy. It’s just a way to authenticate you. I don’t need to request or store any personal data. But I get the sentiment, many sites that use third-party logins try to grab as much data as possible.

What such a site really needs to get swinging is a very deep search engine. Like “max number of complications”, “no non-optional complications” and so on.

I agree. This could also be covered by tags.

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I think yeah technically, but it should be a checkmark system on posting a contract, where you check which complications are set. That is more likely to be used than typing in the complications manually.

Also what would be cool if it was somehow implemented on other websites like this forum. Maybe a bot user. This user is in three Private messages:

  • Daily Updates
  • Weekly Updates
  • Monthly Updates

In each one it does an update with a list of newly added contracts and recreations. Interested users can be added to these PMs or leave it if annoyed.

I don’t know how such things can work on reddit, Discord and such things, but I think there are working solutions too.