A Proud Proclamation

This is a followup post to the following: A Shameful Confession

I have done it.

I have gone and completely redeemed myself!

That’s right: I took out The Chameleon ET all on my own, without no stinkin’ guide!


Rather than get caught with my pants down like I was with The Badboy ET, I thought let me get ahead of myself this time.

I played through Freedom Fighters a bit and conquered as many challenges as I could, to unlock Mastery Level 20 and to refamiliarise myself with the map.

Once I’d done this, I nailed The Chameleon on my first attempt (though I did restart a few times when I got spotted due to haste before I committed the act) by pushing him off the balcony by the farmhouse’s front door.

Think I was in and out in under ten minutes, and it was oh-so-satisfying!

Now I’m trying to SASO my way through Freedom Fighters on Master with that swanky Tactical Gear + Hat I just unlocked, but ffffuuuu is that a challenge!



Colorado can seem like a fortress, but take note where all the junk and other stuff is because there is usually a line through there.

Particularly through the hay bales, the barn, the pile of junk behind the makeshift shooting range… the other piles of junk near the house garden shed.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Surely you’re aware, but in case you’re not – we do have a topic for bragging or crying 'bout The Chameleon ET.

I will say what you did sounds very similar to what I… ended up doing. Plans don’t always work out and you sometimes have to go with what presents itself.

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The route I’m using right now:

Start at the West Bridge and infiltrate via the basement; take out all Rose’s room guards and then head back to the basement to take out Berg; once Berg’s dead, Rose’s is just about to head upstairs, so I take out his bodyguard in the room and wait for Rose to go into the bathroom where I take him out.

From there it’s off to Parvati, as it’s easy to get to her barn from Rose’s room; now I’ve just gotta figure out the most effective way to take her out, which I’m assuming will be inside the barn so I can hide her corpse in the container.

Then I wanna head back to the house (which will be tricky to infiltrate from the barn side, I fear) and wait for Graves to cross back through the foyer from the kitchen, where I’ll take her out, dump her in the container, and then exfiltrate the way I came in.

Thinking that it might be a better strategy to start with Parvati and make my way into the house, where I can do my one save and trial and error my way through the rest.

Really enjoying it though; was telling a friend earlier today: when this game gels, it gels so goddamn well!

I’m aware, but I thought it was okay to do this one as a standalone followup post after my Shameful Confession from last week. :wink:




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For me I do a similar strat, I get into the house after starting at the West Bridge and never leave. Everyone enters at some point except Parvati but I shoot the hay bale to kill her.

Ha I just killed him with the phone because I had no idea what to do with him—I put some emetic poison into his drink so I could drown him by he just went to a trash can! Luckily I had already given him the phone as a backup plan, easy silent assassin

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But doesn’t that leave evidence? Or does the hay bale cover the victim?

Are you talking about the ET here? I didn’t even get far enough for the dude to even pick up a phone or drink something, I just saw him standing by the balcony and thought “now’s my chance!” and over he went.

Unless you’re talking about Rose, in which case a phone bomb would leave evidence, wouldn’t it?

No I’m talking about the chameleon I just tossed an electrocution phone to distract him which also served as a fail safe and I slipped some metic poison into his water bottle. He went to a trash can instead of a toilet so I just called the phone and escaped

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I couldn’t be bothered.

I watched Mr. Freeze and did what he did. Put the electric phone on the dresser and walked away.

feels good man.


MrFreeze, eh?

Don’t you feel great shame? I mean like earth-shattering, life-destroying shame?

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His videos are educational and as simple as a spoon.
Doing his methods will grant you success with 99.99%


Mr Freezes Videos are alright, the only negative thing I’ve heard is that he used sometimes strategies from HMF without giving Credit to anyone.

i also watch his videos from time to time.

I like the fact that he uses Deux Ex soundtracks a lot.

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Nah, it’s a shame that you can’t explain why you humiliating Mr.Freeze


I don’t feel this explains your attitude.
It’s your fault that you waited till last minute to play The Badbwoy.
You had 10 days to learn the map and all things you needed to complete this task.
You decided to follow Freeze’s instructions to get your SA. You got it.
So Mr.Freeze helped you on this.
And despite he helped you’re trying to say that following his strategies is a shame and a bad thing.
I don’t understand this

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I can’t pretend to know how he works but I’d imagine that it’s possible for several people to come up with the same strategies independently.

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But you clearly understand sarcasm, the lowest form of wit, right? :wink:

:point_up: THIS! As a systems-based game with thousands of people actively playing it, the game is designed with a mind that people will recognise patterns and discover the path of least resistance.