A question about access passes

If I own Hitman 2016 GOTY Edition and Hitman 2 Gold (both on Steam), will I get the respective access passes in Hitman 3, when I buy the game in the Epic Games Store, without need to spend extra money to buy the Access Passes as DLC even though I own the older games? And if so, how to redeem them?

If you have a free copy of HITMAN – The Complete First Season on Epic (been given away in August’20), you can redeem those locations in HITMAN 3 for free at any time.
If you don’t have HITMAN 2016 on Epic, you have 10 days after launch to buy HITMAN 3 and get HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass for free.
If you’re late, you’ll have to buy HITMAN 1 GOTY Access Pass at full price, I believe. However, you’ll need to buy it.

If you have HITMAN 2 on Steam, you’ll have to wait until IOI sorts out stuff and will offer HITMAN 2 for free. Or if you don’t want to wait (we don’t know how long) you can buy HITMAN 2 Gold Access Pass with 80% off within 14 days after launch and get access to H2 locations immidiately

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