A returning nostalgic veteran!

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! Hello, folks!

I’m maniac. If anyone still remembers this name. To this community I am new, but I’m an ancient Hitman creature. Been a fan of the games and movies since 2000, when we young whippersnappers were obsessing over the text/screenshot walkthroughs before Youtube existed. Loved Codename 47 and all the different ways to kill Lee Hong in a natural non-scripted way, where you would just abuse the system to make new solutions work! Loved Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money.

Too much to say. But you can only make an introduction and a first impression once, I feel like a dinosaur stepping into the domain of a new generation, but I do hope some old folks stuck around.
I don’t know if anyone here would remember me from back in the hitman2.net and hitman2forum days, I was a co-founder with MindBuster and later Zorro, and a senior mod of the old 2003-2006 hitman community. The community I dearly loved and still love, and hope to meet some old contacts again.

Love the games with all my heart, petitioned to keep David Bateson as the voice actor during the whole Absolution fiasco. And super stoked it worked too, and no other man lent his voice over near 20 years of the game’s lifetime!

I’m happy to meet new Hitman friends, and hoping to see some old friends of mine too, if Easton, Weiderudare, Stu, Jewls, Jackal, or Kenny, or any of the old Merces Letifer crew are still around, I am happy to see you!

The games have been since their time now, very well studied, chewed up, beaten backwards and forwards in every which way. Tubers and Streamers covered near everything, but there are some secrets that the oldies hold that few people know anymore. I mean, we were the starved Gen-X types who grew up with half life 1 and quake and duke nukem. We would fire up Hitman levels and make personal challenges for ourselves, like, kill every man, break every window, shoot every light bulb. We’d make bets over timed walkthroughs. We’d compete over who can make Frantz Fuch’s body fly the highest as he ricochets off the shower. Could you sneak into the female locker room at the Thermal Bath hotel, bypassing the scary and unnecessarily pervy attendant lady? Can you freeze everyone in Malaysia mission in mid air and free run the kill? The Hitman 2 Japan Missions, sneak patterns, the snow tower sniper wars.

Hitman is so much love! Ugh, these games are so good! The love and passion that went into them.

I would love to be a resource and of help to any questions that still lurk, and will be happy to share old curious stories and artifacts. Keep up the flame of passion for these games, fellow assassins!

The Agency never sleeps!

Blood and Muscle!
Konrad “maniac” Knox.


Finally someone with a good taste in Games.

Blood & Muscle


Welcome to the community! Good to see die-hard fan of classic Hitman games!

So, me and @Franz are a joke to you. We’ve sent cleaner to your current location.


Diana Burnwood


MrOchoa made a dangerous mistake! :smiley:

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Welcome maniac!

Seems like you’re also a great Hitman fan, you’re definitely in the right place then :slight_smile:

Cya later!

Thank you! It’s good to be part of Hitman again.

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Welcome back!
I don’t quite remember you or the people you refer to, but Mindbuster does ring a bell. He was active both on Hitmanforum and HitmanHQ and had contacted me to join him on other forums and “scout” for new members for his own website. Brought me to shifty places, such as hateforum(dot)com, which I think doesn’t even exist anymore, though it had some colorful people in it. I was no good at the bringing in of new members though, always felt like a weird idea to me. I don’t think I ever actually joined his website myself :smiley:

Your name sounds like it inspired the entire Miami mission story line by the way :slight_smile:

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Thanks for dropping in @maniac. Great to see some of the ‘veterans’ returning. I remember poking around hitman2.net back when I first started playing the series after Contracts came out. HitmanHQ (which is surprisingly still up) was also great, but I visited Hitmanforum the most and have been here since.

It’s amazing how time flies. It goes to show that once you develop a passion for something early on, it tends to stay with you forever.

They say once you taste blood, it changes you forever. It’s been part of my diet since day one.


Easton remembers :wink: I don’t know where anyone has been, how’s Alaska/carmageddon?

I already like you and i think we might even become friends in the future.

This coming from a man who rarely likes anyone and relates to no one.

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Holy crap, Easton!!! I added you on Facebook. I think it’s you anyways… PM me, man. I found Kenny and Weiderudare.

The kind of man a man needs when a man needs a man.

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Hahaha my dude. I can’t send a PM on this forum because it’s a new account, but you may be able to PM me?