A second assassin

Several years have passed since the events of Hitman: Absolution. Despite attempts to let her end up otherwise, Victoria, now a young woman, is a full fledged assassin in her own right and can hold her own against a seasoned professional as 47.

Starting from season 3, as part of the mission setup, you need to choose between playing as 47 or Victoria. There is, of course, a catch. Some mission stories are locked to either character. Male disguises work on 47, but not on Victoria, while she can wield female disguises instead. This creates different challenges and opportunities, depending on which character you choose at the start.

The advantages here are many. First off, replayability. An obvious one. With both assassins ultimately utilizing different tactics, you’ll want to play as both characters. Especially with character-locked achievements. You wouldn’t exactly imagine Victoria trying to adapt the persona of Helmut Kruger, now would you? She could instead get her own mission stories, even in the last 2 games.

Secondly, this would allow a co-op sort of gameplay. Every mission could be played by 2 players at once now. I doubt the “always online” requirements will be going anywhere, so why not make the most out of them? Of course this would hinder saving and loading, but that is an actually fair compensation for not having to kill each target with one assassin. Besides, if you do want to save scum, you can always go for the single player approach.

At the moment there are no female guards in the game. This makes sense from a gameplay perspective, but not at all from any other one. Of course the intent is to always have an obtainable disguise nearby, but in reality, this just doesn’t make sense. Bringing in some good old diversity here will absolutely improve the game overall, and with a male and female protagonist, there’s a good reason to do this.

Finally, this will allow the developers to salvage something good from the trainwreck that was Absolution.

I personally think this is not just an obvious way to move forward, but also one that brings in a massive amount of potentially great new gameplay.


No thanks. 47 FOREVERRRRRRR!!


Personally I don’t think there is a need to re-introduce Victoria again into the series, everything 47 did past the point of “killing” Diana was making sure that Victoria would not suffer the same fate as him. So the “sacrifice” 47 made in Absolution to keep her safe would ultimately be for nothing.

In general I’m not much for another protagonist other then 47. A lot of the fan base want to forget Absolution and the character in there. In the end it all comes down to execution and how it’s done, sadly execution of storylines have never been IO’s strong suit.

That said I could see some interesting concepts regarding a co-op Contracts mode and maybe having a character creator for a such a mode. Then people could create a female character and it would open up a hole new wardrobe of disguises.




I understand why people only want to play 47. My reasoning would be, by all means, play the character you enjoy playing. I’ll also end up mainly playing 47. We already don’t need anywhere near 100% completion to get mastery 20 in a level so there would be no reason to play as a character you don’t like. Considering the unformulated responses that clearly had no thought behind them, I doubt everyone here has even reached the highest mastery, let alone done all achievements in even a single mission. That would require some basic reasoning skills. To those people, there wouldn’t be a difference. People here at the moment are arguing against additional content. That makes flat out no sense to me. Then again, I am aware that applying logic before forming an opinion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Which is why only a single person has formed actual arguments. Thanks for the mature response, mads47, I do appreciate it. Which is why I’m going to try and address the points you made and why I somewhat disagree with some of them.

In my opinion, a character creation feature would make less sense. 47 is supposed to be in a league of his own. He’s supposed to be the undisputed best in his field.A character creation would imply just about any average Joe could be on 47’s level. To me at least, that is as lore breaking as it gets. And just because the story hasn’t been great especially during the early Hitman games, that doesn’t mean it should be discarded and purposely ignored. I’d rather see IO take the lore and turn it into a decent story. Wouldn’t you? And honestly, the last 2 games have been well on their way to achieve just that. The story does gradually improve and may just end up being pretty good.

Now why Victoria? That’s simple. Having a severely genetically modified assassin, pretty much lab grown to create the perfect killer, would be virtually the only possible rival to 47. Do note Victoria is supposed to be unique, way beyond what even a regular hitman clone is capable of. She is the only character in the story up until this point who could possibly compete with 47. What she seems to have in genetic advantages, 47 makes up for in experience.

Now I might have hinted at my disdain for Absolution, but I still think it is part of the ongoing story. Victoria exists in the Hitman world. Diana and even 47 may want her to end up living a normal life, that doesn’t mean this is going to happen. The way she is built, it’s extremely improbable she can just put aside her nature. If she is to hone her assassin skills anyway, why not as an ally, with 47 as a mentor?

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Idk what the appeal of 47 is, but I rather do enjoy paying as him. He is bold, quiet and can pull off all of those disguises (even the hot pink Florida man pants ) even playing the sniper maps in multiplayer I found myself commenting " awe man, I wanted to play as 47" and my friend responded “same”. So it would be a change to have another assassin but I think the majority of player will still pick 47. I also highly doubt they can match 47. So I guess what I am saying is don’t fix what isn’t broken.

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Victoria is better off starring in her own game that sort of continues the one-woman-army grindhouse exploitation wall to wall action tone of HITMAN ABSOLUTION.

She can be used to fulfill the wishes of people looking for ABSOLUTION 2.

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The main reason why I can’t see this happening - and certainly not being activated in H1 and H2 levels - is the level of work it would take. It would be rather like making a whole new game. New dialogue, opportunities, NPC models etc. New cutscenes depending on who completed a mission.

I would, however, love the social stealth and psychological trickery element to be played up more. 47 could delay suspicious NPCs with a few excuses. (“Viktor hired me at the last minute. Tobias Rieper.”)


@ georgetheaspie Another thing that would make perfect sense and would add a lot to the game for sure. I fully agree on that one. I do suppose you’re right on it being unlikely to be implemented in the first 2 seasons. In the third one, I’d like a slight expansion on co-op features and as far as I can remember there’s only one character who can potentially become powerful enough.

@ Ladydeath I fully get that point. I’ve been spending unhealthy amounts of time in the franchise since codename:47 was all there was. Agent 47 is one of my two all time favorite game characters. The other being Geralt of Rivia. That said, it’s easy to mistake a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” argument with a less reasonable reservation when it comes to any change. Progress is good. I doubt you’d want IO to release the same game over and over when/if there is room for improvement, while still keeping the spirit of the franchise alive. Realistically speaking, 47 is getting older. I can see him in a mentor role, while still honing his own skills in the field. The entire point of Victoria’s character is that she can in fact match 47. She was built to surpass him. And while that remains to be seen, she can definitely compete to a degree. That and 47 actually cares about her in his own way. I believe her character was created with exactly this idea in mind and I think it can be done in an enjoyable way.

Basically, Victoria would be to 47, what Ciri is to Geralt.

I like the idea of other assassins, and a female assassin, though yeah it would create a lot of work to implement in the main missions.

A good solution might be a dlc pack set in existing locations similar to patient zero. Personally, I would be happy to c sacrifice the sniper and ghost modes .

I’d rather it’s not Victoria though, I think she’s really tied to absolution and just female 47 . Would be good to be have their own identity.

Aren’t the new games meant to be taking place long before Absolution though? That said, I wouldn’t mind having a second playable character and a co-op mode would be an amazing addition and potentially a big selling point for the game. Viktoria was kind of a shit character (much like everyone in Absolution) but they could develop her into something more interesting.

I disagree, because the new missions are already designed with as much content as possible - sure, they might need to cut down on it a bit if a second character was introduced, but IMO the replayability it would bring would be worth it. There would be no need to have different NPC models - just have a few more female NPCs in the first place and perhaps make Victoria better at stealth so she doesn’t need to rely on disguises as much. As far as the cutscenes go, these games are not too heavy on them anyway, and not all of them feature the main character.

nope, the timeline is still

Codename 47
Silent Assassin
Blood Money with Contracts happening in it

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