A Shameful Confession

I have a confession to make.

I was late to the party with latest ET, The Badboy, cos I opted to play Warframe all weekend.

I thought I’d have more time.

But I didn’t.

When I logged in, I barely had 60 minutes in which to do an ET…

In a version of Sapienza I’d never played…

With no prior knowledge of the map…

With fifteen minutes to go and no light in sight at the end of this tunnel, I turned to Mr. Freeze:

And I got a SA rating…

As well as my suit with gloves…

And yet I feel shame…



Ok. :+1:


Please don’t mention or refer to GoT. Last two seasons still trigger me.


The history books not mentioning Tyrion…

Tyrion never finishing his joke about the jackass and the honeycomb

It got where it was supposed to get… just in the clunkiest, most rushed way imaginable.

I have yet to even start GoT, but I’m already fearful of the end.


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Humor me, it seems like people in the community don’t like Freeze. Can someone explain it? Like I understand that he does a lot of complaining and searches for pity among his niche fanbase, but hey that’s from what I know of him.

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Personally I think that MrFreeze is one of the most significant contributors to the Hitman community. He specialises in providing detailed walkthroughs and guides to all the main missions and Elusive Targets with newer players in mind. That is, he is mindful of players having limited loadout and knowledge of the maps. His narratives include useful tips and advice, and he gives helpful explanations of why he does things in a particular way. Even though I’m a fairly experienced player I enjoy watching his videos and often admire his creative solutions. I have no shame in admitting to having used his videos to find collectibles, like the ducks on the Sniper Assassin maps, or how to unlock some of the more mysterious challenges.


I often watch his videos to figure out some of the more complicated challenges. Recently I got stuck on the Hot Shot challenge; I haven’t played Miami nearly enough to know the exact steps needed to make everything happen the correct way. It just helps with the possible frustration. And I also watch his videos on Elusive Targets with two or more objectives, because the fear of f-ing up is way too real. Which is kind of the point of Hitman, and more power to the people that enjoy it, but it’s not something I come looking for in the game in particular. No shame in anything.


Is this supposed to be a parody thread?

You apologizing for your personal experience of Hitman that effected no one?

Who cares how you had your single player experience.


I’m with @Euler13 on this, MrFreeze2244 provides excellent information for people less familiar with the game. Regarding the Elusive Targets and challenges he’s particularly useful. I do not understand the negative comments that sometimes pop up around him and his stuff.

@EyeGod, no shame is needed. I don’t have all the time in the world to figure out how everything in the game works. It’s a bit of fun (quite a lot of fun) and I’m not going to lose sleep about using such things as watching how others do stuff. Fun, people, this is supposed to be fun!


I agree with both of y’all; I’ve enjoyed Freeze in the past and think his content is really great; I’ve just never had to use it for an ET before since I always really spent time on figuring out the best way to achieve a SA run myself, hence the shame…

For sure! I think I did the same for Hot Shot, but:

I try not to do this, as I particularly like the risk factor and the trial and error aspect, so what I do in fact do is run the ET a few times before committing to my actual SA attempt; by the time I do the ET I know the route, the hazards and how I’ma take out my target to get that SA ranking, and I find that super satisfying.

I care! And yes, this is somewhat of a parody thread, but I definitely didn’t feel proud of achieving SA like this. Let’s call it a pyrrhic victory.

No, I am ashamed! I should’ve just spent some actual time on it on Sunday as I intended, rather than bingeing on Warframe! :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, I can see the reasoning behind why you would play like this. And I mean, it kind of is the correct way to do it. But I don’t know, I love discovering SA/SO routes in Master difficulty and doing the challenges in general, but I also like to not f-up permanently. I love the experimenting and finding ways to kill the targets, but the fact that I can’t restart once I actually DO commit to the act is an added challenge that I don’t feel comfortable having. Personally. But I like I said, that’s in case of 2+ objective Elusive Targets. When it’s just one target, I find it to be ok. And if it’s hard, I just throw the electrocution phone under his feet and that’s that :smiley:

No worries… it’s very old news but, unfortunately you can still replay the ET even after you kill them. Not a fan of that and never actually did it myself. But the option is there, Mrfreeze has a video on how to do that if you are interested.

But if I may, I suggest you DON’T do this as it spoils the whole point of them imo. I know some people don’t care about that and they just want the suits or whatever and that’s fine. Just my suggestion, you do what you wish. Have fun!

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Look, in an ideal world it’d be all about discovery and trial and error, but you’re right: ETs are risky like that… Which is why I never commit to the hit until I know how I’ll execute it without being caught or spotted.

And normally I have more time for this trial and error approach, just not this time… Hence my shame…

But on an aside: do you play maps on Master the first time around!? DAMN!

More like the world’s most shameful violin, but okay.

Usually Master difficulty is my go-to difficulty, yes. If ít proves to be a bit too challenging and I feel like I need more leeway for epxloraiton, I’ll go down to Professional. For instance, the Bank mission wasn’t one of those (I did enjoy it though).

Was The Bank too hard?

So, you do Master right off the bat? Damn, that’s pretty bold. Do you use any in game hints: target markers on minimap, Hitman vision (can’t remember the proper term now), etc.?