A Shameful Confession


That’s how I first play all the levels. The bank one is the only one in which I dislike playing on the lower levels. Just all seems too easy. Entering the vault, walking out the suitcase is all so easy. I mean shit, in all my years playing hitman games this is the first map I ever SO/SA by myself with no hints or help-and did it my first day with the map.

My only gripe with master mode is the lack of outfits laying around. I admit sometimes they are redundant at times but I do like having them as an easy option.

the combat on the lower levels is too forgiving for me. There is no punishment for open combat. Tho it is fun at professional and lower. At casual it’s a shooter.

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What is this “open combat” you speak of? :smirk:


I know you jest

but you can get into some pretty nice shoot outs with the AI

Sadly it turns into a cover shooter before long but you can run and gun pretty nicely for a hot minute.

So you’re ashamed of turning to another person’s video in general, or MrFreeze’s video in particular? This decides the heinousness of your crime for many here. :slight_smile:

If people are new and overwhemled playing the standard game it helps them fair enough. I don’t mind vague hints but with the elusive target walkthroughs though it can do one, you either have the patience to observe and complete the contract, or be impatient fuck it up and move onto the next one.

I’ve been pooping in the women’s bathroom at work for 10 years and never been caught.
Wait… This is not that sort of confession thread? :astonished:


I do this and never scale down. If you can make a map easy to complete on Master difficulty, then you’re exactly what it says: a Master.


I’m dying rn this is amazing

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Man, think I’ma try playing the bank this way the first time around; let’s see how I go!

Some of the tensest, greatest moments I’ve had in this game occurred during the ETs that I had already killed the target, but fucked up somehow and had to shoot my way out so as to not fail the contract… And god, it was great!

Haha, just to a video in general… I didn’t know MrFreeze was so disliked on here, and I still don’t know why; seems like a pretty good guy to me.

I look forward to getting all my SA ETs in the bag so I can go in more… lethally… Something I’ve found a little frustrating about the game is that crafty ballistic kills aren’t as highly valued as SAs, which is a bummer given that there are often some great opportunities for a ballistic kill… I’ve been thinking there should be a separate reward system for great silent ballistic kills that are differentiated from SAs and not “frowned” upon by the game’s reward system.


I must admit during the Badboy contract there was zero finesse from me, a quick nudge of the door and a case of “on your head son”

Only done that a few times myself. It’s like playing HITMAN in VR! But you my friend… you are the man. :smile:

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