A story about Cold War?

So, a question came to my mind and I’d like to discuss it with you. I apologise for my bad English, I hope you can understand :see_no_evil:

In Hitman 1 and 2 there were many topics about communism and the Cold War. Janus was a KGB Agent and we can presume that Lucas Grey is also a communist.

Also they often talk about the year 1989, the year the Wall came down. Thats the year Grey escaped from the Institute and as the constant said, before ’89 there were no records of Grey.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I came to think that this will maybe be a topic in Hitman 3? Maybe something like communism against capitalism? When we assume that Lucas Grey is a communist, maybe he wants to take down the rich and powerful people because he rejects capitalism? What do you think?

I doubt IO will do a morale-of-the-story and all conclusions will be personal conclusions of the fictional characters in fictional organizations. I think the Cold War is a welcome part for the plot to make things less transparent for the characters and the narration. But since the game is set in the present time, it will be not that relevant for the end.
Grey being possibly a communist is more something to characterize Grey than communism itself.


why can we assume lucas grey is a communist :thinking::thinking:


He has that Hammer and Sickle Statue in his flat. It stands on his desk. And since Janus had it in his home and on the Isle of Sgail, too, I think it’s likely that Grey has it because he is a communist. Also the way he talks so warmly about those poor people who took him and 47 in and how he talks about the rich people from the arc society I always thought he is a communist


in that case, I’m left a bit concerned that IOI wouldn’t be able to make a proper critique of capitalism and that it would end up being “both sides are equally bad, actually” which, if that is the case, I’d rather they just not bother

Maybe it’s like Urben said: it’s just important for the characterisation of Lucas and not important for the story itself. If he is a communist it is more comprehensible what he is doing (his war against the rich and powerful people, using poor people for receiving their goals and controlling the world and it’s market).

Communism, KGB, the cold war, all that imo is just part of the stage to make characters like Janus feel more real.

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Where’s that? Not arguing, just intrigued as I don’t remember it.

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There, you can see it in other scenes, too


Isn’t that just an asylum in Romania?

Either way, I really don’t like the idea of framing Janus as devouted communist. The very idea of an ideologically motivated officer of KGB seems really far fetched. But, weirdly enough, the idea of the same officer organizing a survivalist club for western billionares the moment USSR fell is a lot more plausible.

No, it’s Greys flat in Berlin

In case it is East Berlin it is possible that the object is a remainder from the previous owner.

I think his motivation is entirely personal, not political. The rich and powerful people he’s targeting are members in an organization that financed his creation, abusive childhood, and used his brother to consolidate and secure their own ends. A huge part of communism is the idea that workers should have control of the means of production (or however you want to modernize that) but Grey does not seem to be concerned with anything but revenge for what was done to him and 47. As for the statue, it only appears after 47 kills Janus. Maybe it’s a trophy of sorts?

Thanks for the picture. Why do you suppose this is Grey’s flat? Again, I’m not trying to start a row, I just I don’t recall it being defined as being that but then I haven’t read the related comics and so on so it’s quite possibly just I haven’t read what I need to have read.

That’s a good point. I always figured it was Diana’s. She’s the only one drinking in this scene but she’s not yet on board with Grey yet. That suggests to me that she’s comfortable in this space at least. Also, that’s my girl, drinking the hard shit to flex on him :wink:

I thought it is Greys flat, because he has his stuff there, like, the Projector and so on (Olivia used it). And you can see clothes that look more like men’s clothes :see_no_evil:

And Grey is the only one in the scene who took off his coat, like he feels comfortable there. I always thought after he and 47 met in Brasov they went there and told Diana to meet there (Berlin is not that far away from Brasov, at least with a plane).

Come on guys, this is spy shit 101. This is a safe house. You don’t put your personal shit in a safe house. I wouldn’t be surprised if neither of them ever stepped foot in this apartment.

Calm down, I was just thinking a little bit, you don’t need to be so rude :roll_eyes:

Where did you see that? I’ve been pouring over the 2 Berlin cutscenes and I can’t see it. If you have a screenshot I’d be fascinated. Who’s style is it? Is it pre or post-Another Life?