Ability to Break Cameras With Objects

Literally just had this idea. Some items you can throw at cameras and will destroy them but I have found this is unreliable. My solution? Equip an item like a brick or hammer, then prepare your throw and you should be able to lock onto cameras like you can with NPCs heads

What do you think?


I tried a couple of items when it comes to destroying cameras, didn’t get a lock with any of them. Killing a recorder or using the Krugermeier is the usual method for me. What works? I have no idea!

Meh, it’ll be faster to just shoot them.

I agree, would be a pretty good feature

Yes, it is faster too shoot them, but sometimes you aren’t able to shoot them due to NPCS in proximity, they might hear the pistol or might hear the camera breaking.

I don’t know how easy it is to program, but it’s a great feature


You could break cameras with heavy melee items like crow bars, hammers, wrenches etc. But IOI nerfed it in one of the updates after H2 release.
Maybe it still works in Hitman 1.


Great idea! /YES

Also the funny thing is that it was actually possible to break cameras with objects on HITMAN™ (manual tho)


I think it could work when a crowd of npcs are near a camera and shooting it would cause them to hear the bullet impact

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This was already a feature in Hitman 1, although without the locking on feature, but for whatever reason they removed the ability to destroy cameras by throwing objects at them.

Kinda bullshit


It used to work with heavy objects in HITMAN 2016, and I believe that it was a feature in the first release build of HITMAN 2, but alas it is no more.

It’s was kinda useless in most cases what with having a gun 90% of the time, but it’s really useful in contracts where you aren’t allowed to shoot objects. Too bad that strategy is gone.

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This used to exist in during the release of H2 and still can be found in H2016 but they decided to patch it in H2 with the first patch the game got because “it wasn’t intended to work that way”. Lame.

Yes, an extremely strange decision. Perhaps this should have been a suspicious act, but the opportunity itself certainly should have remained.

In H1; Thrown Fire Extinguishers could destroy cameras, CCTV systems, and chandelier winches (+ some other stuff, I think). Maybe they took it out of H2 because it was too OP.

eta: Yet, if you were to throw a PT, it wouldn’t have the same effect. Kinda inconsistent, but it was an interesting “feature”.