Ability to Save Loadouts Per Location

As the title suggestions I would love to see this feature returned from hitman 2 I think it was where we could “save” a loadout for each mission that would become the default each time we returned to such missions.


Seconded from me. Not a fan of the H3 system of always retaining your previous loadout, just a bit of a chore after you’ve played an experimental run with an unusual loadout, and you know that you’re going to have to go and change that back to your favourites next time you play the mission ‘properly’.


As the developers said, you don’t need Save button in HITMAN 3, because all loadout you choose for each mission now saves automatically and will be displayed the next time you’re at the planning screen of a given mission


Agreed. Plus the fact that the “whatever you used last” approach doesn’t really solve the desire here. Because if you play a bonus mission for example then whatever your loadout for that bonus mission will now be the default for the main mission of the location. Instead of being able to save loadouts per mission and per location.


Indeed it does but when a location has more than one mission, like bonus missions, said bonus mission’s loadout will affect the default loadout of the main mission. So a “save loadout” feature would still offer something that the current “whatever you last used” approach doesn’t. :+1:


100 times yes! Today I wanted to see which maps the Neon Ninja Suit was screwed up on and which ones it looked good on. Now I’m going to eventually have to load into each map to switch it up to a different suit saved on the loadout screen. If this was Hitman 2 I could just save it with a simple button press instead of loading into a level then loading back to the menu.


Agreed. Seems like a small thing but that’s often what QoL improvements are. Small details that make a difference to some of us. :+1:



Wrote this months ago in some other thread, 100% yes!

Nice example is Hokkaido, which I like to start with no loadout. However, after every ET I have to reset this because I just want to be done with ETs as quickly as possible.
I know, not that many ETs in Hokkaido, but why the hassle and why not just the save button. WE’ve had this before.

My old post including a possible solution:


Honestly I want to see that feature coming back even more than I want to play Freelancer, and I literally can’t wait to play Freelancer.


Which is a terrible way of doing it , to be fair.

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100% agree. There is a time for evolution of a feature and revolution. Some things are best brought over with just a quick polish because they worked almost perfectly before. :+1:


Agreed. I have hopes for what freelancer will over but in a time in history when disappointment is so common I try to love by words from another favorite character of mine. “Keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed.”

Any guesses who he is? :wink:

According to Google it’s a quote from Kratos, I thought it was from Squall Leonhart though :x

Yep, Kratos in GoW 2018. :+1: