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Hi guys,
Just a small topic. I was just curious to know would you prefer the older system of the lockpick in season 1 where the lockpick would not open the door you’re lockpicking automatically or do you prefer the current system where the lockpick would automatically unlock the door you’re lockpicking?

  • Old system in Season 1.
  • New system in Season 2.
  • Don’t use lockpick so don’t care.

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Ah your poll has not formed right. Also I don’t care because I don’t care. I use instinct before lockpicking just like I used peepholes before in the old games.


old - how do I vote?


Just give me a moment. I’m having technical issues with the poll.


There you go. Apologies for the inconvenience.


I kinda prefer the doors staying shut until I’m ready to go through, but it doesn’t really make any difference afaik.


Thiis is ambiguous question to me.
On one side old system is better, but on the other new is better.
Old guarantees you not being spotted by people on the other side, but makes you to perform additional actions of pressing buttons to open the door. This is not that hard, but still it is how it is.
New one can cause people to spot you behind automatically opened door… But it’s convenient not to waste seconds to open that door, so personally I don’t know which is more better…

The thing that bothers me more is that you can’t open the door while reloading, while on the phone and while doing other things, like it is in HITMAN 2016. There you can open any door at any moment.
But in HITMAN 2 you have to wait till the action is finished and only then it will allow you to open the door. This is much more inconvenient for me


To be honest, I’m not too sure.

The new mechanic is better since it shaves off a few precious seconds of opening the door to get through. Unfortunately, this occurs with every door you unlock be it with the lockpick or an actual key. This means you have a greater chance at being spotted while trespassing and opening doors.

While that system is fine and easy, I’m not really a speed runner so getting quickly through doors isn’t much of a pressing issue for me. When this mechanic was first shown off, it wasn’t really the opening of doors that struck me as odd, but how fast they occur.
Lockpicking is much faster than it was in HITMAN 2016. Unlocking with a key is practically instantaneous. What makes that speed work against it is how you have to wait for the animation to finish before continuing, even though the door is open and unlocked for 0.5-1 second as you turn the key.
In the new game, 47 just has to push the key into the lock and the door pops open. Then, we the players have to wait until he’s done turning the key in his animation before walking through the door.
Then, there’s Keycard doors. They don’t follow the same rules as normal doors and stay shut even if you use a valid keycard.

I think on the base level of what I would change in terms of unlocking doors:

  • Lockpicking a door does not open it automatically.
  • Unlocking it with a key does open it automatically.
  • (optional change, undecided.) slow down the Lockpicking to as it was before, or half of what it was. Slow down the key variant to how Lockpicking is already.


I say we institute a lockpicking minigame in the style of Fallout NV or like falling through the gaps or whatever. If you get it first shot you have it stay closed if it takes no more than five it opens and beyond five it opens and the guards on on alert.


Lockpicking should keep the door shut until you manually open it. It is the sneaky option afterall, why would the door blow open and expose your trespassing ass to the room next door?

I suggest

  • Lockpick: Door stays shut until you manually open it
  • Crowbar: Door busts open
  • SMG/Shotgun: Door busts open

That way you get actual handling options.


Old system of keeping the door shut because of just plain freaking coming sense if nothing else. I only initiated the action for unlocking a door, not opening it, so it should just be responding to the one. For that matter, why does every door open in both directions? And while we are on the subject of the season 1 system, why am I always still in a crouch position after moving a body even if I was in a standing position before doing so? The old system had me return to how I was before grabbing the body. One more of these old vs new nitpicks: why do I stop dragging the body to pick up an item like a dropped pistol instead of it just going into like before? Yeah, it’s more realistic, but if it’s something you already have in your inventory, it doesn’t even appear in your hand after grabbing it anyway, so why bother interrupting the flow?


I hate how it is like a crowbar and flings the door open, but I agree with @Accidental-kills98, I look before I pick.

In Legacy missions it is not a big deal, but especially in densely populated maps like Mumbai - they need to cancel that shit.


Do you agree with my lockpick minigame idea? Does the idea of it make you mad? Have I succeeded in aggravating with that idea?


Damn THIS so much. I still get confused by this shit every single time.


i like the newer system. the lockpicking anim actually gives you enough time to move out of the doorway after the anim is done


Which is irrelevant and completely unhelpful if someone who can recognize you as an intruder and was, at last check, facing away from the door, happens to turn around and face the door at the exact moment you unlock/open it!


Exactly, it’s like some ppl don’t even play this game and make comments like they do. :joy::joy:

I know irl, when I put my key in the door, it flings open automatically too. :rofl:


I, for one, am deeply offended.

I quite liked a lot about “Thief” from a couple of years ago - do you mean that kind of thing? Rotate a control stick to get the vibration right then hit A to move to the next pin?


Why not add a toggle in the settings where you can choose to make it auto open or not when lock-picking?


I voted wrong like an idiot, I prefer the old system of the door remaining shut as there will be some situations where I don’t always want to open the door straight away, I’m sure most agree.