About the cutscenes

I mean seriously? No CG cutscenes? Just Power point still images with voice acting?


I think it’s better this way
The CG cutscenes were Awesome
But they couldn’t tell much story
And cause of that storytelling was weak
Now we can have more story
I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to play it on November 13th

I mean I was worried at first
But I saw some of them in YouTube reviews and they’re really interesting


Are they narrated by Diana? (I hope not)

Oh so it is like The Witcher 3 or Infamous, that is cool. IO have become independent they should not burn their money on CGI cutscenes.


I was a bit put off at first, too. After I saw one (one I wish I hadn’t seen …) I found them to be rather good-looking.

Better this than those awful Patient Zero cutscenes. :smiley:


Meh. While I would’ve liked to have them, keep in mind that they don’t have Square Enix to fund the extravagantly-produced cutscenes. It’s understandable.


I mean, they had big ol’ layoffs and all that. I think it’s pretty obvious that the budget is even lower this time around.


Both 47 and Diana and I think also shadow client
It seems 47 talks much in this game
Which I like

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I might be wrong, but I believe Season 1’s cutscenes were handled by Square Enix animation studios. Understandable that they aren’t in HITMAN 2


yep, or at least they were funded by Squenix

I don’t think the people who are complaining about cutscenes understand how money works


complaining won’t change the cutscenes sadly. although i do like both artstyles, the CGI was cool. but it just wasn’t possible for IO, and that’s alright

Understanding that there are reasons doesn’t mean one has to like tthe results. But it does go a long way to accepting them :slight_smile:


It’s not about cutscenes themselves(CGI or comics) it’s about consistency within the game. And it’s not just the Legacy Pack that will be inconsistent it’s also the old tutorial missions which are a part of the game.


Well unless you have a spare billion dollars or a whole animation studio you could have donated there was no way they were going to be the same. IO know a stealth game has one important focus GAMEPLAY and thus budgeted for gameplay. So long as the writing or at the very least a narrative structure is here then I don’t care.


At the end of the day, the missions are far more important than the cut scene. It’s still a shame that they’re gone because I really liked them. I mean this is far more awesome in CG than a bunch of images ever could be.


I mean yeah SE owned IOI so obviously they were the ones funding it :P. The thing is that I’m pretty sure they were indeed made by Square Enix professional animation studios. Studios entirely dedicated to the production of CG. It’s not possible for IOI to match that, understandbly.


They didn’t even have to make prerendered cutscenes though. Just in game ones.


well they would still need character models, different sets, stuff that’s just easier to make with digital 2D illustration

If a game developer sets a precedent in quality, and that precedent isn’t met in a subsequent release, disappointment is sure to follow. Sequels usually progress, not regress, in everything from gameplay to presentation.

It’s not up to the individual consumer to be aware of or sympathize with the financial hardships of a company. If a company wants its consumers to be lenient about a drop in quality, the onus is in the company to tell the fans that the drop in quality is coming before it tries to get people to pre-order.

Everyone who’s disappointed would be more forgiving if IO, at one of their preview events, had simply said, “Listen, guys; we had to get rid of expensive CGI cutscenes for financial reasons, but we’re going to do our best to tell a great story with the resources at our disposal, and we hope you like it.”

(I personally thought they had more money than before after signing a deal with Warner Bros. I’m only finding out they didn’t right now. So naturally I was disappointed when I learned about the missing cutscenes for the first time in IGN’s review.)