About the cutscenes


I haven’t played the game yet, but I assume like Season 1 many of the cutscenes are not happening in the area where you play. So they would have to create a entirely new 3D environment.


Watched the cutscenes on youtube, made me remember Halo 4’s Terminal Videos which is not a bad thing. If the story was any better i would be more outraged than i initially was so, i don’t care that much now. I’m at peace.


it’s up to common sense from the fans, but i do wish they communicated it to alleviate bigger dissappointment.

Squenix did all the cutscenes -> Squenix drops IO -> don’t expect the cutscenes to be there

WB was signed only recently, they didn’t fund most of the game dev


Not sure what to make of that comment… You liked it? You hated it? I do not know…


I’m indifferent to them now.


I would have expected that kind of statement if the game was crowdfunded in Kickstarter or something.


I don’t think some of you realize how much the general audience doesn’t care about cutscenes/story in the Hitman series. Most people couldn’t give a shit about story in Hitman. In fact most of the Hitman audience doesn’t talk about story at all. I get that the diehard audience wants it(HMF and possibly the subreddit), but from a developer/publisher point of view, it would be idiotic to spend that much money on something that most people will skip.

EVERYONE I’ve introduced the series to has skipped/ignored the cutscenes.The gameplay is the highlight. As much as I enjoy the story, I could honestly do without it if need be.


I was just shocked a little…


Those are some pretty freaking solid points you raised right there. My problem isn’t just with the inherent quality of the cutscenes but the complete lack of transparency from the part of IOI in communicating about them to us and the immediate shock factor that comes forth with this unfortunate revelation is what truly disappoints me.

And yes, as customers we will have to judge the game for what we have in our hands and not based on what has taken place behind our backs. Had IOI informed us much eariler they indeed would have alleviated disappointment and it would even lead to acceptance because we know the truth in advance without any unnecessary layers of sugercoating.

The incredible precedent they established with Season 1 CGI is precisely why many of us are so freaking disappointed. If this was a brand new IP (say Murder Man), I would easily forgive them for the cutscenes but sadly its not the case and as you said, if a successor to something shows signs of regress instead of progress, it shouldn’t be surprising if that leaves your customers with a bad taste in their mouths.


As I’ve already mentioned, I wouldn’t mind them downgrading S1 cutscenes for that reason and you don’t need much to do that. Just use the original concept arts and leave the voiceover there.


wouldn’t concept arts be different than actual full on illustrations. afaik the legacy cutscenes are now stills from the cutscenes with voiceover. so they at least attempted consistency


Judging by the published ones, they aren’t that different at all. I haven’t the new cut scenes yet but Bangkok had some of the arts in its briefing so I guess it would work just fine. They could actually make immersive and realistic briefings that way.


Wait was this confirmed?


i’ll find who said it in a bit


So for the sake of consistency, they downgraded the cutscenes from Season 1 to be as shitty as Season 2…



I can see why the lack of presentational consistency bugs you, United Fyodor. It’s going to bug me if I go back to play Season 1, too.

The first chapter of a story shouldn’t look ten times better-looking than the second chapter. It’d be like if, In “Avengers 4”, Thanos is suddenly played by Josh Brolin in purple bodypaint. It’d almost make you wish you’d never seen the aweome CGI version of Thanos in the first place, because your awareness of how good things were would detract from your enjoyment of the story going forward. lol

So if CGI cutscenes really are gone for good (:disappointed_relieved:, please, nooo!) … I, too, think IO should create (perhaps expanded) storyboad-style cutscenes for Season 1 and release them as a free download.


it was the most hhey could do. they couldn’t keep the cutscenes, so why not have stills from them? it would be better than remaking the cutscenes in H2’s artstyle, right?


I have yet so see one shot from these cutscenes (I am trying to abstain from spoiling the story). Do any of you have a spoilerless one to show?


I saw some cutscenes on GameSpot Review on YouTube


Watch the mark from 31:00 to 31:30…