About the cutscenes


Don’t worry guys I have seen a still. I like what I have seen the cutscenes won’t bug me. You can remove those videos out of deference to others if you so wish


It’s not that bad, actually.


When you compare it to the cutscenes from HITMAN 2016? It most definitely is bad.

If Mission Impossible: Fallout was re-released as still-frame shots like some glorified powerpoint presentation with audio and voiceover, its bound to piss off a huge number of people.


Terrible example. How can you compare a movie which is 100% movie to a game which is 2% movie.


Yeah, that’s the thing … taken in isolation, the new cutscenes are pretty cool. But compared to the amazing cinematics from the previous game, they’re weak

Give one dog table-scraps, and he’ll be satisfied.

Give another dog gourmet steak dinners with his selection of sauces, and he’s going to be a bit upset when your shopping budget decreases and you start feeding him table scraps.

Hope that metaphor made sense. lol


For me I don’t think the cutscenes added that much, and for the amount they cost to make I can see why they went. If I think back to the cutscenes in the first one , there was maybe some people standing around talking, nothing hugely engaging.

The slide shows I don’t know as I haven’t seen them yet.I like having the level telling its own story but I guess it’s debatable how best to go about doing an overarching story or if Hitman needs one


Well they are made out of used concept art right? If so it is nice to see IO share their concept art with everyone.:man_shrugging::grinning:


I understand what you’re saying, but I do think there was something very gratifying about seeing fully rendered “live action” versions of Diana and 47 in the 2016 cutscenes, even if they weren’t very long or eventful.

That scene where Diana and 47 sit back-to-back to exchange information in the airport is understated but beautiful, and the nuance of expression on the Shadow Client’s face when he deftly threatens Viktor before the fashion show conveys so much about the intelligence and the menace of the character.


It honestly isn’t a terrible example. Yes, Hitman and Mission Impossible couldn’t be any more different from each other even if they wanted to be but the point of my example was that the still scenes would a big downgrade compared to the live action movie that was MI:FO. As a new, standalone MI story with a digital graphic novel style, most people wouldn’t have a problem as long as it was treated as a spin off entry but if a major entry adopts that style, people will inevitable compare it with the previous entries and will be disappointed.

And similarly to what David47 already said, if I give you a juicy burger you’ll probably be satisfied and happy but if I give your friend next to you a juicy burger with extra fillings, poached eggs,sausages,bacon and cheese fries, you’re probably going to be upset or at least partially disturbed with how much more compromised and cheap your meal feels in comparison.

The exact analogy applies here. I wouldn’t mind these cutscenes in a new IP but for Hitman 2? Its disappointing.


You are missing his point. Your analogy does not make sense because you are comparing 1 medium where it’s all about the scenes, thats what the entire product is, to another medium in which the cutscenes amount to less than 1% of the product.

Again a false analogy. Better one would be where the juicy burger had 1 pickle that is of less quality, while the meat (gameplay) has improved in the new menu.


Same here. I know that a couple of people say that they don’t care about the story in Hitman games but a lot of fans actually do and 2016 was the first time a Hitman title really intrigued me with its cutscenes. The micro expressions,mood and performances really helped in selling the believability of the characters which imho bolstered the intrigue of the narrative and that is sadly completely lost with the new entry.

Once again, for other people reading this I realize this is NOT going to kill the game. It just leaves people with a slightly bitter taste in their mouths…


Fair enough analogy if you judge the entire game as a whole though I was talking strictly of the cutscenes.


But you can’t judge it as a whole if you’re talking about just a relatively minor part of it.


Thats not how it works when your analogy consists of an entire product (a movie in your case, or a burger menu)


I was only talking about the presentation quality of the cutscenes. The core missions do look great (leaving aside NZ) and I have my watchful eye on New Life Part 2 mission and how it turns out…


Given how we’re meant to be more aware of the story in HITMAN 2, it’s disappointing. The quality of the missions won’t be in sync with the way the storytelling is conveyed. As I’ve said in another thread, it looks cheap and not something you’d expect given the standard the previous game set.

Games I consider great are typically ones where all parts work in conjunction, forming a complete experience. A shame this aspect will always look unfinished, particularly since they clearly invested money and time to improve other areas (i.e. hiring more voice actors, improving animations).

This is pretty much why I hate it when we get overly-story focused Hitman games. Ultimately, it looks like IOI were a bit too ambitious here.


In all fairness I don’t think any of us expected Square to just completely dump IO and kick them to the curb like that. We were so happy they were cut loose from Square we didn’t see the problems it would entail.


Well I could then give an example of how the burgers represents just the cutscene qualaity and how it is a part of a big buffet instead of it being the entire buffet and we could have a banal bantering of analogies but lets leave that aside.

In all fairness, its like a partial black stain in a clear white room. Some maybe able to ignore it because the stain is only small in size but for others it could stick out like a sore thumb and could be very irritating.


I don’t know the breakdown or how one thing affects another in the budget. But personally, I don’t care if there are cutscenes or even a story linking missions. I am totally fine with the idea that 47 receives a mission and goes and does it. But I know other people want different things


Images of the first cut scene of Season 3 has already been leaked. Like the new minimalistic design


Just kidding, pls don’t kill me. :sweat_smile: