About the cutscenes


Hey so long as the cutscenes are not two underdeveloped randoms going over manilla folders it is alright with me.:grinning:


All stuff aside, we are finally getting at least some kind of gloved suit in the game at launch without having to wait weeks for elusives! So thats something!


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Best way to handle a Hitman story is do what Contracts did. Simple plot: 47 gets shot and has flashbacks, the game ends with a secretive meeting on a plane.
We don’t need to know everything about 47, we don’t need another “personal story” or more cloning segues. It seems some of the writers at IOI are obsessed with revisiting these themes, ignoring the fact that players don’t buy Hitman games because they want a narrative experience.

The simpler the better; we don’t need to constantly prod 47’s past and make it more convoluted. He’s a mysterious clone, working for a secretive agency – that’s enough – and if you want more backstory you can play C47 or Contracts. Focus on the gameplay and other integral aspects like music and atmosphere, these are the features which make Hitman great.

I’ve rarely seen anyone want another story like Absolution. But God, was it a mess. They create all these plots, and even end the game on Detective Faulkner meeting Birdie, only to completely abandon it. Of course, it’s for the better – but it goes back to the desirability of all these new story elements being introduced and revisited. As far as I’m concerned, the only characters I’d gladly see back are Agent Smith and the Mystery Man (maybe Lei Ling too) – which are nice throwbacks to the older games.

But I guess with HITMAN 2, we’re going to be dragged through the cloning story… again, which is a bummer.


Final analogy. No further extensions…


And it is a variant of the winter suit. I never engaged with many of the ETs so having a version of it is nice.


Well I like how 47 now has a “brother” we might get another cloning story but we also get to see 47 express some sort of filial relationship with another clone. It is an interesting dynamic and if they have to set it up for the uninitiated then tat is a fair trade.

I mean I don’t want a story that is all flashbacks or random people sorting their files and having the same basic exchange for twelve levels.


Tbh I missed ALL the elusives in Season 1 because I waited for the disc release of Season 1 and I still missed almost all the elusives in the re-activation period (because I lost interest in the game at that time) except for the last 5 targets. You see, I never cared about elusives but I desperately needed the gloved suit.

So, I cheesed my way through the last 5 of them by watching MrFreeze2244’s videos and getting SA in all of them LOL.


Well you only needed to do like on SA for the signature suit with gloves. If you wanted the winter suit it was five. But now to get the winter suit all I had to do was one ET. So yay me.


As someone who enjoys the backstory and lore of the Hitman series, this is a crushing disappointment for me. So many little nuances and moments of character can be captured with those fully realised 3D cutscenes. The reason the Shadow Client is an intimidating, foreboding presence is because we saw him turn to Viktor Novikov with that piercing stare, before saying “your turn”. Losing those moments and getting animated storyboards in their stead is just… Tragic. It looks and sounds like a glorified comic.

I want to give this the benefit of the doubt. I understand cuts had to be made and that they need to focus on the stuff that matters (ie the game itself), but I can’t imagine this doing the narrative any favours whatsoever with regards to being emotionally invested. Maybe it’ll work aesthetically in the wider context of the game, but I have my doubts.


They should have done some sort of motion comic or something. Like Infamous or The Witcher 3. But I mean depending on what stills are used you can still get some depth from the new format.

Like those old experimental Russian or French films or a Sergei Einstein montage where they stung random images together but you still got an emotional response.


Yet another “personal story” angle (Yawn). We saw it explored first with Mark Parchezzi III for a moment in the Oval Office (“I’m just like you”), then infamously with Victoria, where 47’s emotions get the better of him, and now with a “brother.” I bet they end up as a team, and we get more flashbacks than usual with them growing up together.

You don’t need a convoluted mess of a story which revisits and reinvents old plot points either. I quite liked what they did with the Patient Zero cutscenes, as they actually showed 47 accessing his briefing on his laptop and travelling on a jet. You know, assassin stuff.

These aspects are great at creating the assassination simulator Hitman strives to be.

I’ve watched two of the cutscenes now. It’s very disappointing, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I mean, they try to make the screenshots move around a little and add a few shadows and effects, but it completely diminishes the narrative for me (not that I care much about it anyway). For me it’s rather irritating as I get the feeling I’m watching a video that isn’t playing properly and just skips between still images, while the dialogue is playing over it. It takes some time getting used to.
If you’re going to have no animated cutscenes, at least make it look like graphic artwork, rather than just stills from what could’ve been an awesome clip.


“Shrug” After seeing a few of the cutscenes on YouTube i’m personally indifferent. why? Because every cutscene I saw could easily be replaced by a full CGI cutscene in the future. Will it? Most likely not, but the point is the actual story wouldn’t change. Would it have been nice to have the CGI cutscenes like in 2016? Yes. Will it negatively impact HITMAN 2’s story as a whole? I personally don’t think so.



Finally, another person who cares about the lore and backstory of Hitman as much as I do! I just love how the Shadow Client’s facial expression transitions from a brief smile while saying “Smile Viktor. Your reputation is safe.” and then suddenly to this cold, haunting stare when he tells him “Now run along. I am sure you have pretty dresses to attend to.”

Within a matter of seconds, it instantly sells the intrigue of the character and establishes him as an eerie, menacing and an interesting foe. This will NOT be possible with the current style sadly.


You mean where he just sits in a private jet and talks on his phone? That is just as bad as using still shots.

True but neither of us know the actual story, they might be done well they might not but literally anything is better then how Blood Money was done. Our main character is not even in the story cutscenes until the end of the game nor does he drive the story. All of that “interesting” secret society is barely developed or hinted at. We only know Alpha Xerox’s name due to marketing.

Yeah Mark sucked, like he really sucked but Victoria had potential just executed in the most awful fashion imaginable.

I mean a personal story engages me more then a game made of flashbacks. I know all of this is subjective and all of this is irrelevant because IO should do what they want.


They should just reanimate them with the mountains of money they’re gonna make on Hitman 2 :smiling_imp:


Great if they did that then HITMAN 3’s cutscenes will just be the audio.


Big Finish: HiTMAN 3.


Oh my god they changed the title. Not buying, 0 outta ten.:joy:


Speaking of…whatever the effing hell happened to Victoria? LOL. What about Birdie and that black officer dude at the end of Absolution? It ended on a cliffhanger and was never resolved.

I find it funny how S1 made strong connections to older games in its narrative and yet it treats Absolution like it never existed in the first place haha.