About the cutscenes


It actually didn’t - You clearly see 47 assassinating Dom Osmond in the Legacy cinematic that plays before Paris.


Well yeah that is because Absolution sucked and was made by a different team. We are all grateful they dropped that shit.


Another mistake - A lot of people worked on both games.


Really? Holy fuck! That is impossible I don’t believe you.:grinning: The difference between the two is insane.


I know and that is what is baffling. Absolution does exist in the timeline but outside of that one scene, the entire game pretends Absolution never happened. No word about Vicotria, Birdie or Mr Black Policeman.


Really speaks volumes on the story if you can’t remember a characters name.:joy: It is Cosmo Faulkner by the way


Yeah, but there’s no word on Mei Ling or Father Vittorio either - But that doesn’t mean Hitman 2 never happened. Each game disregards the events of the last for the most part, or makes only the vaguest allusions to it. The wider story is rarely changed permanently by the events of a preceding game.


You know what? I wouldn’t mind a DLC starring Victoria as shes probably grown up in the current timeline anyways. (about 21 years old)

Large, open sandbox missions like the main game but you can only steal clothes from female NPCs and maybe provide Victoria with more agility options than 47. Hah would never happen but it would have been cool. :grin:


No. Absolution is dead. We buried it and we have moved on.:joy:


Also, when you really think about it, Absolution was the first game that actually left some “key characters” alive at the end. Outside of Diana and 47, that is.


I disagree. Moments like these add to the experience. They set up a context and give you a nice little insight into 47’s world without creating a side plot that only distracts us from the actual gameplay.
Now, this doesn’t mean there should be no story, but I’d much prefer it to be subdued and limited to generating an atmosphere of tension or urgency in the background. Again, I’m going to point to Contracts here (not in terms of flashbacks though) as we get brief glimpses of what’s happening, while the story remains simple, yet pretty sleek and clandestine.

But do you play Hitman for the story? There are plenty of games out there which are catered for “personal” experiences but Hitman shouldn’t be one of them.


No I don’t. I play Hitman because I can drop pianos on peoples heads. Same as everyone else.

But having a personal story in a Hitman games shows they at least put some effort into it rather than re-framing the same convo or telling a game through flash backs


Yeah… instantly Turned me off. I cannot believe this game doesn’t have moving cutscenes. Even Codename 47 had actual cutscenes. I dont care about production value, I wouldve appreciated contracts cutscenes to this.


Wow a pre-rendered PROMO cutscene thats not even on the game disc. Nice.


Yeah it is. It’s not just a promo cutscene, it plays in the game after the tutorial and before Paris. It’s the story link between the two moments.


Nevermind. I must have missed it. Or forgotten rather.


My 2 cents about this, its a bit disappointing, the S1 cutscenes looked amazing, and I was excited to see more of them, but they probably cost a lot so I can see why they didn’t do it this time, focus your budget on whats really important, it doesn’t bother me at all, if the writing is good, which i doubt it is since S1 didn’t have anything worthwhile in terms of story.
Personally I never played Hitman for the story, every time I replay them i skip the cutscenes after i have watched them once or twice.


With all this cutscene controversy I’m just really bummed that the comics are canon now. They’re not… the best example of stoytelling.


Well it depends on what they took form the comics. The Ort-Meyer stuff and the Providence stuff is decent as is the 47 and 6 stuff. I am iffy on 47 killing Diana’s parents and I draw the line at Super-Diana


Story spoiler incoming at the end of the game it’s revealed 47 did it