About the cutscenes


OK, Like I said it makes some sense. It is stupid but it makes sense. It was just business there was no way he could possibly know at the time.


Soooo… long story short for me it’s better to have H2 with no CGI cutscenes than to not have H2 at all.


She’s not gonna see it that way at first. While he didn’t know at the time, he does regain his memory later on due to some experimental cure obtained by subject 6/Lucas Grey and makes no mention of killing her parents to her. Nether does 6, especially since he knew all along.


This feels like something I need more context for.:thinking: I hope they shake the Diana-47 relationship up properly next season. I would have been decently surprised if did not know before hand and at least we were some what forewarned this would happen. At least it is not Super-Diana they are using.:grinning:


I agree on that, although I’m one of the few who liked BM’s story.


Well BM is better than Absolution and it executed its ideas better than Absolution. But that is not saying much. Also World of Assassination is still better structured than Blood Money and closer to Hitman than Absolution.


That sucks baaaaaaaaaaaadly!


Could be worse. It could have been Super-Diana. At least this twist is somewhat interesting, not implausable and can lead to interesting developments.


Those scenes were neat despite being smaller. That’s what they should have done for Season 2, in-game cutscenes, instead of the comic stills they did for H2 or the expensive cgi for H1

What game are you talking about, BM or Season 1? :stuck_out_tongue:


Blood Money of course. Providence is the best secret society in the series. This season is devoted to developing them.


Well that sucks. I had hoped they would never mention that stupid comic again.


Those cutscenes have already aged horribly. They don’t look good anymore.


Exactly what I didn’t have the energy to say.


They were made by Platige.


Not sure about the Patient Zero ones.


Like I said hopefully we can get animated cutscenes patched in if the game makes enough money. Even if they’re just 2D animated, and they have to redo the Legacy ones as well. Consistency is key because I was really wanting to only play this game chronologically as a big continuous experienceTM.


I will say that I feel that animating the mission BRIEFINGS is a waste. I don’t know costs, but the old games worked with just the audio description. Also worked not having to render/animate Diana.


So they are now using in-game graphics to tell stories instead right? I think that is fine, the game looks quite good and the in-game graphics are strong enough to convey the cutscene. CGIs are nice to have, but not a necessity.


They are not using in game graphics but instead still frame shots.


Oh, that um… could be done better.


Not a fan of the new style cutscenes, but I guess it makes sense if Squenix was paying first time round.

What I don’t understand is the Constant. I thought he was a cool, soft spoken villain in H1. It sounds like they either hired a bad impersonator or told the original voice actor to “be more shit”.