About the gun you dig up in Sgåil?

The first left through the grass as you start from the harbor leads you to a locked gate. Through there you will end up in a semi-large room/basement area with a large metal grate on the floor and steam opposite some stairs leading up. Close to the left of the grate there’s a “thrum” “thrum” and if you cross the map to find the shovel you can partially dig up a silenced pistol.

You can see the silencer, but the pistol becomes visible in heightened vision. You just can’t pick it up as far as I know, unless there’s some other criteria that has to be met first. I was wondering if this was a known item and what it was for. Is there anything special about it? Is it an unlock?

The shovel is in a grassy area, not where the funeral takes place but very similar looking, over in the area where the towers are located. There are a couple of initiates there and a guard or 2 I think.


yeah there’s a gun. i’m pretty sure it’s just there for a little secret, but i’ll check it out in a bit

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I loaded a save and checked, but being in your suit (tuxedo and mask) , or dressed as Blake, doesn’t enable you to dig and pick it up. Nor does Elite Guard which I was in originally.


i got it. it’s just another bug with the interaction hitbox. there’s a gun in the Hawke’s Bay cabinet, but you can’t pick it up most of the time. this is the same situation


Hey! That’s great! Thanks for solving the mystery for me!

It was just so suspicious with the girl being alone down there, nowhere important, not interacting with anyone. Odd. Then having to go across the map to find a shovel practically hidden. It just seemed like there was more to it.

I tried having the girl discover it and tell a guard by luring her with a dropped gun, but neither her nor the guard noticed it and she was standing a foot away from it and looking straight down at it, and still didn’t notice it.

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NPCs will not “notice” a firearm if it’s where the it is placed at the beginning of the game. They only notice guns dropped by the player of by a dead NPC. Otherwise guards would be moving all the guns laying around in levels from the start location to the stash box.