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What do you know that we don’t?! :open_mouth:


@ampburner will this be split into multiple categories for each level like before? And will Season 1 become all the same category instead of 6 different ones, so the category section is cleaner?


With all the latest increase of tension between the US and North Korea, it’s kind of got me imagining 47 going into North Korea, killing a nuclear physicist and disabling their nuclear program in Season 2. Might sound something more like 007 would do… perhaps he could just go in for an old school assassination. North Korea would make a really interesting level location non-the-less.


I would like to see more and better story. (warning personal opinion ahead) I think it would have made a lot more sense if the ICA jointed forces with the shadow client to take out providence rather than the other way around. That was a huge head scracher for me at the end of season 1.


They got Jin Po and Tren Po as characters already. Characters that relate to the story. Could be