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Discuss the HITMAN missions in Sapienza

“Check, please?” or “Jack, please?”

We will never know.


I am expecting us to be able to unlock a scoped rifle with more than one zoom option. The level appears to be very large.

The sniper rifle at the end of the clip looks MUCH dif than what we have now. I see a new unlock in the future.

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Is this the new meme now?

I really would like a change in the sniping cinematic in Hitman, do you guys remember sniping in Absolution? it was a masterpiece, I liked it the most, When you shoot the sniper for a headshot, the bullet hits the target in Slow Motion while the target drops down on the floor.

I’m not asking for a bulletcam or something, just bring back old sniping from Absolution that gave it more depth.

oh god no more slow motion, no way…

Why? it was very nice effect, the slow motion BTW is less than 2 seconds, just the moment the bullet hits the target.