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Look, man I really really love agent 47 and how beautifully they’ve built his highly sophisticated, cold blooded yet warm and loving character. And hitman - although the story does have prospects for many turns and directions to follow (like Victoria, or Diana, or Lucas grey) - would just not be the same without 47. 47 is hitman and hitman is 47. What i think is that they’re just taking things a little too far and rolling into the commercial and general spectrum, like releasing hitman 2 in episodes, which kills it’s originality and what defines hitman, and in the story, doing things like delving into his personal life, hitman is supposed to be this mythical, legendary, and mysterious assassin that everyone fears so bad! I think they really need to look back to past hitman games and how beautifully they were built, purely basic yet so intriguing and challenging, while we continued to fear 47.

And I honestly DON’T think there’s any need to kill 47 at all, I mean albeit we love him like anything, he will have his time, he’ll have to go, but that is surely not now, plus David Bateson is ready to provide 47’s voice for as long as it takes and I guess if they just make it a little like the old hitman games the sales would easily shoot super high!

I really don’t want to watch this game die like call of duty or the others that died because they couldn’t think straight and made shit so complicated it just went down. Keep it simple, people will love it!