About this for a unlock for the bank

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This text will be sweet


Do you mean…

Looks more like a sword wrapped in a cloth

A sword within an Umbrella :+1:

Another example:

Didn’t the Penguin already do this one, though?

How about a gun disguised as an umbrella, Bulgarian style?

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An explosive disguised as a duck


I mean if we’re being wacky, how about a gun disguised as a knife?

Oh wait, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NRS-2

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How about a pen that actually explodes when someone writes with it, like I thought how the exploding pen would work when it was advertised. So disappointed in that. Just set the pen on a desk or something, wait for the target to pick it up, wait a few seconds, and kablooey! And let’s face it, a bank is the perfect place for a pen weapon.

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No no no… how about… a DUCK disguised as an EXPLOSIVE? :wink:

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A knife disguised as a gun, disguised as Keegan Michael Key


Michelle Keegan disguised as a gun, disguised as a knife.

A knife disguised as a slightly smaller knife, disguised as a slightly larger knife.

How about the Blackballer?

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Only if it’s disguised as the masamune.

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I heard you like knives so we put a knife in yo knife so you can stab after you finish stabbiin’!

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So is this confirmed or what is this?

No just an item I would like as an unlock for the bank