About Whittleton Creek level



They didn’t really finish this level, did they?


Yes they did. It was released alongside Hitman 2.


Those houses will be made fully accessible in one of the bonus missions that come with the expansions. Screencap this.


I’m guessing bonus map areas they have planned?


The houses were copy+pasted along with their map appearance. (Because why not?) They just forgot to erase the stairs symbols.


They forgot to add the chocolate chip muffin as well, which really pissed off for some reason. I went through all the muffins and all of them were blueberry :rage:


Oh no, not a staircase icon, how could they


I believe so, cuz it’s too small for me, yet still I would say my favourite :slight_smile:


The amount of playable landmass is about 80% of Hokkaido. It feels closer to the size of maps like Colorado and Bangkok from S1.

It’s not that small.