Absolution coming to Xbox One

The Xbox 360 version of Hitman Absolution is to be made backwards compatible with Xbox One, IO Interactive has confirmed.

Speaking to WorthPlaying, studio head Hannes Seifert and Square Enix’s senior director of public relations Reilly Brennan revealed that the game would be coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility but couldn’t confirm when it would arrive. Release timing, apparently, is down to Microsoft.

Absolution may not be the only Hitman game heading to the service, either, with Seifert telling the site that he would eventually like to see all of the studio’s Xbox 360 titles made backwards compatible with Xbox One.

Very interesting, good job I kept my Xbox 360 Hitman Absolution disc!!!


This and Red Dead Redemption, 2 games I stopped caring about 5 years ago.

I know a lot of people wasn’t fans of Absolution. Personally I liked the game overall but wasn’t a fan of it been story driven.

Looking forward to having a play of it again though.

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I mentioned this in another thread, but I just bought Blood Money, the HD Pack, and Absolution from the Xbox Live Marketplace because they were on sale for 75% off. This is especially great for me because Blood Money is one of the few games for which I am really waiting to become backwards compatible (the others being Sonic & Knuckles and Rock Band Blitz).

Will we ever be able to play old HITMAN BloodMoney + Absolution on PS4? Currently we can’t… :frowning:

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Nice to see it finally here!! Looking forward to playing it again!


Now all they need is to bring the HD collection over and I’ll be a happy camper.


Loading it up now and only 7.74Gb.

Did they make this free for digital buyers of HITMAN? I am showing it as free in the store! If so then yippee! :smiley:

Still no PS4…,


Absolution always got hated by us… but now we miss it and wanna play again, Because it is a really good game.


To top the icing on the cake for this one is for Io to announce that the Hitman: HD Trilogy is compatible with Xbox One & Ps4. :wink:


I gotta admit there’s a few things I miss after playing it again!

  • The long animations like when you hide a body or subdue someone! :open_hands:
  • A more detailed Contracts system! Tbh I got surprised by myself and my skills :joy: I made a series of contracts that tie together as a story, and after replaying them I gotta say I wasn’t expecting them to be that difficult! :joy:
    It personally just feel like you can make some badass difficult contracts in Absolution, but not in the newest Hitman. That’s just my experience anyway :joy:
    If you wanna give my contracts series a try look up my profile “RotaryOliver” :open_hands:

This game is not as bad as people made it in their head! :open_hands:


I got the professional edition for 10 bucks on eBay and I’m loving it. The assassination missions are pretty awesome in my opinion and the controls are exactly the same. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t knock people out with thrown objects. Otherwise? I’m having a great time with it.

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Speak for yourself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, yeah I got myself killed a few times because of that :joy: Keep forgetting it’s only in the new game you can do it.

Glass bottle shatters on guard’s cranium

Guard: “Okay, buddy, let’s see your hands! Nice and easy!”


Agreed! PLEASE IO bring the series to ps4! I played absolution, but no other titles and I would really like to! I was thinking about getting a ps3 just so I could play the other ones. Would be great if they came out with upscaled versions as well


I guess we’ll see what happens. You never know what Io Interactive have in store for us! :slight_smile:

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Was thinking you should update the title of the thread now that it’s actually available on Xbox one. Just a thought.