Absolution Full Disclosure

Absolution Full Disclosure

FULL DISCLOSURE shows a side of game development that Is rarely seen In such uncompromising and unrestricted detail. The app shines a light on more than 250 images and 25 videos that show the discarded concepts, abandoned ideas, early prototype videos and creative exploration that helped to craft HITMAN: ABSOLUTION. The majority of the content has never been seen outside of IO Interactive and is taken directly from the production folders by the development team

NOTE: I will request If I can add the videos from the App In a seperate section on The OP Only If IOI agree and this Does not Infringe on Copyrights etc.

To all the Fans who have not had the Access/Privilege of Seeing and reading this excellent Content I have posted It where It belongs!!

(Thanks to IO for allowing this content to be made available here for the fans)

Just open a Section you wish to view/read: Below

Evolving Agent 47 <img <img
Dev Interview Jacob Mikkelsen
Evolving Gameplay
Dev Interview Martin Vestergaard Madsen
Prime Real Estate
Dev Interview Morten Larsen
Living Breathing World
Dev Interview Lee Varley
Moods and Moments
Dev Interview Simon Veith Reinholt
IO Days

It is very interesting to read, but could you use spoiler tags for the images? They make the original post too large to navigate.

Yeah ill see what I can do with spoiler tagging to condense It all soon.

Thanks for uploading all of this. I think the “Hitboy” looks very interesting as I have always wanted to see more of 47’s childhood in a game.

I’m not sure about this post for two reasons…

  1. Copyright - is full Disclosure a pais app? If so, better ask @Travis_IOI if it is ok to publish this content.

  2. Bandwidth - I’m on my phone right now so I cant tell if this is bring hosted on hf or elsewhere and what the bandwidth implications are, but they might become a problem.

Hey @Ampburner according the iTunes site it’s current price is "Free"
Still not sure if that means IO Interactive is okay with us hosting it.

However it appears Discourse has hosted all the images locally so is using all your bandwidths.

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@Travis_IOI @ampburner @Jarbinger

Just let me know guys, Ill remove the content if needed?,
If its ok? I am going to condense the huge post into spoiler sections
To make it easier to read.

@Travis_IOI could you confirm?

Our plan should be plenty, but I’ll keep an eye on bandwidth just in case

I imagine they make money from it, if not by paid then maybe by ads?

Looks like the IO Interactive people don’t mind.

Hey! We’re not going to ask you to pull it down, we want as many people to see it as possible. If you are able, please do download the app for your iPad because it lets you view the content as intended and it’s also better for us because we can get a better idea of how many people have actually downloaded/used it.

That said, I need to put on my legal hat and just be clear on a few things: By allowing the content to stay on the website, we’re not granting a license to any of the content. None of the content may be used for commercial purposes – either directly or indirectly. Lastly, we (meaning IOI) reserve the right to require the content to be removed at any time.

If someone could add the above paragraph to the first post, that would be great. Thanks and enjoy!

[cc @ampburner]


Done…Thanks for confirming @Travis_IOI

Its really nice All fans can now see/read this content across all devices :smile:

But do Agree with you 100% the content Is best viewed on Ipad as that’s what It was designed for, so If any fans do own an Ipad The best experience of this App will be at your fingertips.

Big Thanks :thumbsup:


There’s some really interesting tidbits in this that I hope they explore for future games.

  • Wooden cottage on a remote mountain. The picture looks like classic Hitman. Maybe a crime boss is hiding out up there, or a witness in a high profile case. Looks awesome. Hope they use it for the next game.

  • Stakeout and preparation missions - This seems very interesting. Though it depends on how it’s executed of course. The image is interesting, but I don’t know that sitting around with a camera across the street would lead to good gameplay.

  • Train station mission. The image really makes it look like a classic Hitman kind of level. I imagine access to a large train station, as well as the trains that are in. Maybe the target arrives to the station, hangs around at a cafeteria of whatever and then boards a train. Plenty of cool options here.

  • 47 hiding in plain sight with dynamic props. Hopefully whatever issue they had with this that made them not use it in the final game can be remedied for the next one.

  • A mission on a moviing ship. Sounds awesome and unique. Would love seeing that.


Death on the Mississippi wasn’t a bad mission, though I’d definitely like to see locations/environments we’ve never been in. 47 on a moving train (in the style of SC: Pandora Tomorrow) would be nice – or an airport.


I really liked Death on the Mississipi but I felt that I wasn’t reminded we were on the sea often enough. Perhaps a submarine level would be better?

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on the river :smiley:

But yeah, I get what you’re saying, it was supposed to be on a boat but it might aswell have been a floating concrete building.
Didint’ feel very dynamic.

Idea :thumbsup:, execution :thumbsdown:

Very interesting read and i’m only half way through. Already saw some ideas which in my opnion are good they scrapped it but also some which I would love to see. Like the preparation and stakeout pre missions is something I always wanted in hitman. Scanning entry points and interesting stuff before going on a mission. Also the mansion of Diana on the mountain would be awesome. A lot of these ideas still show me that they weren’t really planning to make a whole different experience from the beginning.

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This is a no-brainer. Murder on the Orient Express and From Russia with Love demonstrate how fun espionage and murder on a train are. It would require really good design because of the linearity of the train compartments, but it would be awesome if done well.

It would be nice to see some mission where the shore interacts with the boat. That’s the only way to create a sense of travel, and not just a “floating building.” Perhaps 47 starts at some kind of dock where the ship will be making a brief stop, and he can either snipe his target from the roof of the cabana lounge at the right moment, or he can wait to infiltrate the ship in person and take his time with the mission while the ship is at sea.

I think the part of you as a player getting on a boat and sail away without a cutscene will make it feel like a travel. Like real time sailing away from the coast and hearing the horns blow while still able to move around and explore. That would make it feel less like a floating concrete building but more like a dynamic scene for me.

Damn…I’m about halfway through and I already can’t thank you enough for uploading this, @318838. I absolutely have to applaud IOI for such an incredible job of developing the game. It’s mindboggling how much work has gone into Absolution, it has made me love the game even more. I would’ve especially liked to see the foggy and snowy concepts in the final product.

Forget the gameplay deviations. For what it is, the final game and all the years of developing it are a triumph!!! I never thought so much creative input went into a single game. If somebody had told me 10 years ago that games would become as big as movies by 2010 production-wise, I would’ve probably laughed. I salute you, IOI team!

PS: is there any chance of seeing this app on Android, since I don’t own an iPad? Just curious.

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