Absolution Full Disclosure

It’s for iPads and iPads only.

Seems since it’s a free app and Square Enix is super tight for cash, we’re not going to be seeing an Android port any time soon.

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I finally got around to reading this. It seems like there were a lot of cool ideas early in development but many of them wouldn’t seem appropriate for a Hitman game. I would love to play a hard-boiled action game about a hard-drinking homeless guy seeking revenge on some goons who killed a little girl. I don’t think it should be under the Hitman umbrella. Just make a game called ‘The Angry Homeless Man’ and I’ll buy it.


No worries, I Never did like the fact that only Ipad users could read/view the content and always thought It was an unusual move from IO to develop this only for IPad. I do hope If there Is anything else similar In the future for H6 all fans should be able to appreiciate such content across all devices.

There Is also some great video content In the app, that Is well worth seeing but due to possible copyright I may not be able to add these here?

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If you can upload pictures, why not videos? And someone already uploaded some of the videos

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Why not as [email protected] for the videos? I doubt they have a problem with the videos going up.

Both good points :wink:

@Travis_IOI Could you confirm If Video content from the Disclosure app Is ok to record and upload to youtube, then placed In the OP of this thread for all the fans to see?

if you don’t have ipad what is a problem to run it on windows?

I think the problem won’t be posting them here since he said it was allowed but getting them on the forum requires the videos to be uploaded on youtube or other system and that might be a whole other story:)

I would expect that uploading the content to YouTube would break some of the User Agreements for the app. I could be very wrong though and will see what can be done. @Dev_Chand is right that I would want to see the content available, but we need to make sure to protect our content for many reasons, so it’s unfortunately not always that simple. I’ll talk to our legal experts and get an answer/confirmation on this. Expect an update when I have it.

(cc @318838)

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Thanks for the reply @Travis_IOI

Could the video content from the App be added to The official Hitman youtube channel perhaps? If IO uploaded them/made them available Its then just adding a link/s to them In the OP of this thread, again I am not sure If thats an option or something that would be considered by IO/Legal? But just a suggestion.

e.g If they were made private videos on the Hitman youtube channel, No one else could view them unless they have the links which could be exclusive to this thread and then available/viewable for the fans officially provided by IO.

I will personally hold off adding any video content, until further updates arise on the matter, thanks again.

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They cut the supermarket level!? Damn, that would have been the best level in the game.


I must have been living under a rock because I just found out about this Hitman: Absolution Full Disclosure today by way of another thread on this forum.

I don’t have a iPad at this time so I can’t install the app. I do however have an iPhone 6 Plus but the app isn’t available on the iPhone. However I can view this material on both my iPhone and computer. (Although the videos aren’t playable).

Thank you so much for making this Hitman: Absolution Full Disclosure available to us IOI. This is extremely fascinating material / information.

And thank you so much for posting this, 318838.

very nice, i always wondered what goes on in IO’s head now i somewhat know. i love the ideas makes you want to work there sometimes.

No problem, actually the app does not work on my ipad 2 anymore, since apple updates etc.

Can anyone confirm the app is working for them on a newer ipad?

The vidoes in the app are worth watching. I was going to upload them here too but never got the go ahead from Io to post the videos to this thread so have not added them I am afraid.

This guy uploaded some of the videos


I have the third generation iPad and for some reason the app has never worked for me. Every time I open it, it crashes. I saw a few reviews that said the same thing happened to them, but it seems to work fine for some people so I don’t know what the issue is.

Doesn’t work on the iPad mini either

Thank you for posting that video. I love that water ripple effect.

And wow. To this very day, I am still blown away by how extremely beautiful the graphics are in the game. The Glacier 2 engine is absolutely incredibly amazing.

Beautiful shadows, lighting.

On a side note: I’m seeing on a few posts above mine here that the app isn’t working anymore for some people who have iPads. IOI, could we maybe get an update fix? And perhaps a version for the iPhone 6 Plus since it has a bigger screen than a typical iPhone? And perhaps even a version for the Android users out there?

Why the beta point shooting looks 1000 times better from the final one? lol.
Anyway… too bad this is not available for androids. :worried:

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