Absolution Full Disclosure

Yup, looked way better. It even looked better in the leaked Absolution playthrough of Rosewood, but then they changed it to 47 just standing still with his arms pointing right out. Go figure

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I bet they faced glitches and they say just fuck it… let’s make it more simple. :grin:

I second this and so do the others I’ve asked about this, the screenshots and the description IOI gave shows that it is rich in storyline. I believe that they should make a game like this, separate from the Hitman franchise but seeing as it’s in Chicago then maybe some references wouldn’t hurt.
“D’ya see that hotel on fire last night?”
“Which one?”
“The Terminus! Up in flames, it was!”
“Good. I stayed in that place once, the owner’s wife was a nightmare.”

I for one would be happy to help out with the storyline as a writer!

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I don’t know if anyone cares but here’s a full disclosure video-it includes (I guess all) videos from the app itself.


Thanks! I bought this app but it crashes on my iPad every single time I open it, so I’ve never seen it all.

I finally watched the videos. is this legal tho?

Well,the app has been there for a long time so I don’t think it causes any harm.Of course if IO folks want me to remove it I’ll do so.

Really appreciate this. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Quick note, I think everyone will notice but the same channel has a second video uploaded involving a bunch of videos (cutscenes, concepts etc.) from the app which can be found below. It’s the first recommended video, but I don’t want anyone to accidentally miss it.

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All those videos and early footage are already in first video that I uploaded.
So if you’re only interested in early footage (and not pictures,images) of the game just watch the one Fegelein uploaded and you won’t miss out anything.

Oh, are they? Didn’t notice. Disregard my good intentions. XD Otherwise, really happy to have a hold of these finally. Gonna sit down with dinner and mull these over.

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Thank you for posting it. I was hoping to download this on my IPhone 6 Plus. But it’s only available on the IPad.

The concept work and idea’s look really amazing. I would have loved for it to have actually been in the game.

Nice one, thanks for posting these. Will get stuck in later…

Wow, I haven’t seen this one before. Interesting. Thanks @Codename_Thomson for your post now, so I was able to discover this here…

A few thoughts went through my mind when reading through the information (I read all of it):

  • Absolution could have been amazing without 47 in it.
    What I generally mean by that is the core concept of the game looks bloody brilliant, amazing. Where they got stuck and where the game started breaking apart I think is when it came to the character of 47. In all honesty, would they have made Absolution a spin-off game with a different character and would things like the instinct and disguise system have been different, I would have freaking loved this game. But at the moment 47 came into play everything broke apart. Mechanics and story elements didn’t work anymore. The emotional route they chose for the narrative didn’t align at all with 47s nature and the way he was portrayed in previous Hitman games. On the one hand they wanted to craft a very emotional story, and on the other hand they had 47, this character naturally engineered to be almost void of emotions. The right vision if you ask me, but the wrong game for it. As a spin-off Absolution would have been GOLDEN. Some of those concept ideas are amazing.

  • Splinter Cell and Hitman - A funny similarity
    I find it kind of funny ow both Hitman and Splinter Cell were such excellent franchises in their early games, but failed on the same kind of storyline, that being the “agent gone rouge” narrative that detached the characters from their central framework the previous games all contained. It proves again that while experimentation can lead to great results, there are just fundamental points about these games that should not be changed. Rouge Agent and especially emotional storyline does not work for 47. Emotional works for Sam Fisher, but the rouge part was a big problem here as well. They are too dependent on their equipment, “missions” and superior authorities (Private (in 47s case) or Government (in Sams case) Agencies) that build the very framework the maps and missions are based around.

  • Instinct seems like a patch up tool
    I really mean that. It’s almost like duct tape to patch up the holes and inconsistencies in the games design and in between the different game systems and mechanics. Something doesn’t fit or we have elements missing that have to account for certain events or situations or actions in the gameplay ? Tie it to instinct. That is what it seems like from what I have been reading in those documentary files. The problem is if you already start patching things up before you have even completed the concept phase, if you start bridging gaps in both gamplay and make heavy compromises in storyline because of a few select elements (like “47 as main character VS an emotional storyline” or the gaps in the gameplay mechanical systems) then a game idea can ultimately not work that well. And in the end, it did not. Yes, it was a decent game, but if you looked at the drafts and concepts it could have been so much more. Pretty simple (well on paper. Obviously it’s not easy in the end. But it’s a simple idea/rule). Separate 47 from the emotional storyline and choose the lesser of 2 evils when it comes to conflicting game systems. I say it again. Would Absolution have been a spin-off without 47 or with 47 just having a side role and you playing someone else I think a majority of the complaints (aside from the disguise system and instinct which really needed a rework) would have been not as big, and the story would have worked MUCH better.

  • Games early drafts seemed far more atmospheric and variable than the final game
    I’m mainly talking about some of the amazing ideas for levels/maps and atmosphere such as Dianas Mansion, the old Mill, the house with the supposed/implied “romantic evening” and the remorse theme as well as the “hot sauce kitchen”. All of those seem VERY interesting and if seen as a whole, mixed with some of Absolutions levels, actually seem to have a lot more variety and atmosphere than some of the levels we got in Absolution in the end…

  • Using children in violent games is a “big no”? Well, I say it’s time we stop this nonesense
    After all serious games like this are supposed to be - to a degree - a despiction of reality. That’s only my opinion of course, but still…

  • I know levels are regularily cut and all, but it is astonishing how many almost completely-build locations did NOT make it into the final game…

That is about all I have to say to that. I surely had other thoughts and ideas going through those concepts, but those were the main things that I thought about when reading this “Full Disclosure” document.

Also thanks to @318838 for providing the information, since I do not have an IPad and thanks to @Travis_IOI for allowing it to stay up. Was a good read. I’m very interested in game development in general. Even if I am not artistically talented (can’t paint well) and I am not able to study game development in my country (not many available Univerities for that and all are private so costs are astronomical) I am always interested to have a little more insight in the development process of games, since I would be genuinely interested in developing games one day, even if it probably will not turn out that way in the end…


I don’t know but I think 47 empathizing for Victoria is quite natural. I mean he was a cold hearted ruthless blood money type before Victoria told him that.

Yeah but look at what they wrote in the documents up there, especially at the start. The strong emotional storyline, and how they had several concepts like “The Angry Man” and “Homeless Man” and stuff like that, to make 47 really emotional and all, and played with the idea of giving him a tattoo for a woman in the storyline and all. And they continue saying they had to “Compromise” and “discard” those ideas because it would not fit 47. And there are dozens of instances in that document that mention having to cut ideas or leave good concepts out because it didn’t align with the classic Hitman atmosphere or style or because it didn’t fit to 47.

And yet the final game is nothing like old Hitman anyway, and even 47 is different in a lot of aspects and all. I say, insert another professional killer as main character, make it a spin-off, change the disguise system and scrap instinct and you would have had an amazing Hitman spin-off game depicting ANOTHER killer who might be the MIRROR image or 47 because he has other origins. You have 47, who is cold and calculated. Might emphasize in Victoria on a very basic level, and with Diana (basically his only human contact all those years), but not more. He is raised and trained to kill, he is genetically ENGINEERED to be a killer. An then you have your normal (maybe brainwashed, maybe not) Jason Bourne-esque, “Sam Fisher+Agent 47”-mixed proffessional killer that went through similar experienced throughout his years but had a COMPLETELY different way of processing it and dealing with it, since he was not MADE to kill, he BECAME a killer at some point in his life and developed there from a previous innocent state (as a child at least). That would have worked miles better if you ask me.

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There is this video in this app that shows 47 sneaking at a much slower speed.

There is also this part where victoria thinks Diana is in love with 47. Heh

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This is the first time i watch all the content of Full Disclosure. I saw only some parts. Some ideas are awesome. At first Hot Sauce Factory and ship mission. I hope they will use they for next Hitman games. Supermarket level is less interesting but it could be work.
I like the idea of “The angry man” with 47 hired to find and kill some normal people in different places with a dark past. Homeless Hitman is a horrible idea, instead.
Fat woman on wheelchair could become a target. It could be funny, but I don’t think someone could pay to kill a character like that.
Of course i would like to see again Faulkner that is still haunting 47 with the help of that traitor of Birdie. I also hope 47 will face in the future Birdie’s gang (they look awesome), maybe in order to find him.

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Here’s something not mentioned: originally there was supposed to be a massacre + kidnapping of schoolgirls in Rosewood Orphange. This is the reason Victoria had the schoolgirl outfit, it was supposed to be given to her in the orphanage.



If I were a gambling man, I’d say this was Wade’s work. Kinda wish they left it in game, would have given the Meat King’s Party a run for it’s money for darkest Hitman Moment.


Get outta there, you’re going to get shot!

haha I was like: “Stahp it I’m reading this billboard.”

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