Absolution: Goods and Bads

This thread was created by @Norseman 's idea. To discuss on Absolution’s quality.


Shouldn’t this thread be in the “Classic Hitman Games” Category?

Changed it. Now it’s a classic.

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It was a rather good looking game for its time and still is. Almost everything else is bad :slight_smile:


I expect you to write a small essay or just something to go by. Something we can discuss. Not just an empty good bad. I’ll return later when there is a bit more effort.

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The Good:

  • The modernising of the engine and control schemes

The Bad:

  • Just about everything else

Okay. Let’s start.
As a general and not detailed review about why I don’t like it:
Absolution was the first Hitman game I ever played, I was 7 I guess.2012. I had played lots of games before like splinter cell black list or many of COD, and much more. But that wasn’t something to catch me and make me like it.

But Hitman 2016 really did something inspirational. It made me become a Hitman geek in 2019 despite the fact that I played even more great games in the 7-years gap.

Now, Detailed:

  1. Linear mode that doesn’t make you feel a semi-open wolrd like the trilogy but a really close world(Not sure if that’s a word)
  2. Some out of mind stupid options that makes it like an Indian 007 movie.
    3.47 face is more bearable in CD47. They made it kind of shiny which was so weird.
    and some other stuff that are hard to remember after 9 years.

And final word, Absolution in Hitman is like Phantom Menace in Star Wars. Still Hitman, But not Hitman material.


as far as i’m concerned, absolution sacrificed great puzzle/level design (imo the defining trait of hitman) for the sake of a subpar narrative experience and (admittedly) gorgeous graphics. it leaned more towards the action and the ‘fantasy’ of hitman over and above the puzzles.

hitman, at it’s very best, is a unique puzzle game over pretty much everything else, and i will brook no dissent to that opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

sure, it introduced contracts, some truly great systems (crowds, point-shooting, cover, etc.) and arguably the series’ best controls… but only managed to give us two or three truly good spaces to use them in.

probably due to the vastly improved graphics and ambiance, and to ensure it could work on already wheezing consoles, the vast majority of levels were overly simplistic, corridor-like or purely there to push the, again, really lame narrative.

i can’t emphasise enough how horribly cliched, trite and tiresome the plot and characterisations were. certainly not worth undermining the foundations of what makes hitman unique to support it. i’ve said it elsewhere but 47 isn’t interesting, and trying to make him so hurts his enigma.

absolution also managed to utterly flub one of the most basic systems, disguises, so badly that its social stealth aspects were a chore. to be fair, it led to woa’s much improved system, so we can thank it for that. in fact, i rate absolution almost purely on the basis that it was a stepping stone to the mechanically best games in the series.

i still played the fuck out of it, mind, but it is firmly bottom-tier hitman, as far as i’m concerned. when io sent out that letter/vision statement for woa, you cannot imagine my relief that they were aiming to pull the series back from the brink of mediocrity.


Absolution was the Hitman-Game that brought me back to Hitman. So it can be all bad. Didn’t play any games for a long time when I stumbled upon Absolution on some random website about two years ago. I remembered the old Hitman-Games and how much I liked them so I went to Steam and downloaded Absolution.
Had a great time playing it, was amazed by the graphics (remember: I didn’t play a lot of games for a long time). After I finished Absolution I went to see if there are other Hitman-Games I missed. That’s when I found out about Hitman2016 and H2. Of course I bought them right away and enjoyed them even more than Absolution.
So the biggest “Pro” for Absolution in my book is that it made me a Hitman-Fan again. And I’m definately not saying Absolution is otherwise a bad game. I really liked it and it gave me a few days of great entertainment.


It’s important to understand that Absolution was held back by 7th Generation of Consoles. The hardware simply wasn’t powerful enough to deliver both big grandiose levels and still look as beautiful as it did. This was a design choice by IO and one can then discuss weather this was the right choice or not. However the fact of the matter is that the previous game, Blood Money is among one of the poorest selling games in the franchise, only selling 2.1 million copies by 2011.

Hitman had at that point in time been absent from gaming scene since 2006, in a time where shooters and action games became a lot more popular and overall stealth games where reduced to a niche product. We began seeing Action Adventure games like Assassin’s Creed adopt stealth mechanics and FPS games like COD MW add stealth sections. So there was a pressure from Square-Enix wanting to capitalise on the current trend. This is nothing new. This wasn’t a welcome addition from the crowd that define Blood Money as the best the series has to offer.

The style in Absolution is not inspired by Bollywood, but by Grind House films, this take on the series is a bit of a controversy. However the core of the story of Absolution work and is an interesting premise, if they cut the Dexter arch out of the game all together or heavily shorten it.

This is more a question of preference, but saying the Codename 47 face is better due to shine, is an overestimation.

The Phantom Menace is very much Star Wars, saying so not truly understanding what makes Star Wars Star Wars. Weather one likes it or not, that is another question.

However when it comes to Absolution not being Hitman material, that I can say is false. It’s closer to Codename 47, then Blood Money ever was. There are several reason to why that is, unlike Blood Money. Absolution reintroduced non target mission, setup missions that connect levels and preparing for ones target. This was a staple of the series up and until Contracts. Weather or not one likes these missions is something completely different and more related to if you prefer Hitman post Silent Assassion or pre Contracts.

There are plenty of small levels in Absolution that had just as much and more freedom then the previous game had. Not all section levels where well designed, especially not them surrounding Dexter’s laboratory.


Gunplay is on point. Disguise System is kinda broken, still a fun game with nice atmosphere but shit story.



I have to disagree with that. There are lots of open world games with mind blowing graphics which were designed for 7th generation consoles. (Add Mafia 2)

not inspired, but very similar. jumping and shooting 4 targets in a short gap? All the nuns?

Weren’t we supposed to talk about what we thought?

If you compare the graphics recourses and progression of technology in those 12 years, It’ll be easy to say that 47’s face in CD47 was better. If you compare available technology.

Don’t start another discussion, just so you know, Star Wars is Return Of The Jedi, Star Wars is Force Awakens.

Forgot to say that. So general view: Fun but not Hitman material in lots of stuff like the story.

I didn’t say weather that was. We’re talking about Absolution.

Hitman can never be like COD or AC or GTA. They’re different. Hitman is unique and not everyone will like weather what IOI do. And they’re still not stealth, they just have it sometimes.

The good:

  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Engine

The bad:

  • Disguises
  • Level Design and Direction
  • Story

I find it hard to place the music into either good or bad, it’s pretty forgettable but upon relistening, I’d say it pretty mediocre

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Overall graphics were good, Not 47’s face.

that’s not bollywood, man. that’s pure grindhouse; a shlocky, gore and sex heavy genre of american exploitation b-movies.

it’s a fun genre, but not a great fit for hitman, imo.

While I agree that graphic quality weren’t mindblowing, it’s also worth considering that, at the time, those graphics were the best that people thought it was. People aren’t just going to buy a game based on how pretty it is. Most video games aren’t even that mindblowing today considering they’re supposed to be immersive instead of how much texture quality it can look like.

Tbh they don’t come close to that. I’d describe Bollywood movies as wacky and like a cartoon, than having a gritty feeling. They might be a fusion of such but they’re very different.

At the time yes. But like I said above nobody buys games because they’re pretty.

i dunno about that. i’d argue casual buyers are drawn to good looking games. not quite the in the same way it used to be, sure, but there’s a reason graphics tech is seemingly pushed ahead of other areas in aaa gaming: it’s an easy sell.

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Yet non of these games have the same level as detail. Also Black Flag didn’t look half as good as Absolution on PS3 and was Ubisofts first next generation game for the PS4 , they made a very big point about that. Important things to remember here is that companies like Rock Star has a lot more money to throw around on development, which is also why it was the most expensive game of it’s time. Yet the Graphics aren’t better, Absolution is smaller and had a lot more details in it’s world, compared to open world games.

Not at all similar, there is nothing Bollywood over Absolution. Absolution is heavily inspired by grind house films and it shows.

I made no such statement.

No this is still a preference regarding facial features and if you like how he looks. But it easy to say that the Absolution face looks better and that is simply due to the number of polygons that it has over it’s C47 counterpart. It’s not really comparable, without having to talk about one preference.

I’m really not, you where the one who mentioned them to begin with and saying that Episode 1 isn’t Star Wars, just like Absolution isn’t Hitman. Which is ridiculous, because it’s shows a lack of knowledge about both franchises and where they come from.

No you didn’t however I’m building a bit of knowledge regarding where the series came from, to establish why it changed in it’s 6 years absence. You can’t ignore the factors that influenced the game, if you do so, then you don’t understand the product at hand and why it changed.

and that was not at all what I was saying, I’m still talking about how the market evolved and how it shaped the series going forward.

That’s exactly what I wrote, that traditional stealth games have been become a niche product, and in there absence other genres have adopted stealth mechanics.


  • graphics
  • point shooting

+ latex nun killers


  • limited freedom of movement
  • linear levels
  • press X to hide your face
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I wasn’t familiar with this genre. If it’s like that, I agree with you, “Not a great fit for hitman.”