Absolution Reboot (brainstorming topic)

I’m making this topic for others to contribute their ideas for reworking the script/storyline of Absolution. Whether you think Absolution is canon (or not), or “a bad hitman game”, or “Absowutface sux, lulz” - that’s fine, and that’s the point of this topic. It’s to refine the story, and/or further explain some elements to better understand some of the strangeness and illogical aspects of the story. While at the same time trying to keep the overall or main idea of the story intact (if that’s possible).

It might be a pointless endeavor, but I see nothing wrong with trying. :innocent:

Please try to avoid any arguing or ‘shitposts’ about how bad Abs. is.

Debate on some of the ideas given here is okay. That’s all part of brainstorming.

I’ll edit this post (or add later) some points that might need to be reworked, or more details that could be worked out.


This topic was originally made in a PM, and the below portion is copy/pasted from that.

I’ll probably work more on these, or anyone else is free to take them and expand upon them.

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But the story (eventhough horrible) isn’t the reason why Absolution is meh to most.

Fixing or reworking the story doesn’t suddenly make it a good hitman game.

Good luck though, whatever you come up with, can’t really be worse than the original.

However, some of the people seemed to like the gameplay. But the plot is hated by nearly everyone.

I’ve seen people actually liking the story of absolution aswell, so…

I mean if we’re retroactively changing things I like the idea of Old Man 47

And make the villain Amos Dexter (the cowboy patient in hokkaido) instead of Blake Dexter so we can link the two concretely, so we meet the villain in H2016 but he’s still alive in Absolution (Mark 2) because it’s set at the end of 47s life

Also, have Amos as a funny but less cringey version of Blake

now that’s a fckin yee-haw*

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Blake was good fun. Hella stereotypical but I loved that disgusting Southern pig :pig2:


Might be a good reference topic.

Give it a better name


This name also sucks but :man_shrugging:


HITMAN: Revengeance :joy:

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HITMAN: Balding.



Hitman: Man Hitter


HITMAN: The Gang Stops A Cow Boy Mega Corporation.

If you are going down that rabbit hole, this time aim for the head.


Just a few things, that ran trough my mind…

I’d keep the introduction as it is, the first changes would’ve appear from the Chinatown level.

The king of chinatown mission should have a little more liberty at approaching the target: the Pagoda shouldn’t be a restricted area, the police should be replaced with general goons, the target should have at least one bodyguard etc.

A level involving ICA, where they’re capturing 47, then a level of escaping from the ICA; includes a cutscene of 47 shooting off Travis’ hand.

I’d scrap the whole detective is on 47’s tracks thing, or just simply tying off at the end of the game. (still pisses me off, that Birdie gave out 47 for no reason; and not getting a chance to confront him.)

Nah I’d say the premise isn’t great (btw I love Absolution so :sweat_smile:) like 47 hunting Diana could work with some tweaks but not as is

Maybe add a regular mission beforehand but as you leave in a cutscene it all goes to hell because Diana has betrayed (seemingly) the ICA so 47 would actually want revenge?

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Which is to say it’s not totally unsalvageable.

OK… here’s my basic pitch:

The main idea is Diana, 47, and Victoria sort of discovering their base humanity, almost like some kind of “foster nuclear family” in a world that doesn’t really have room for something like that. There’s also this element of how, in spite of all the cold-hearted business decisions we all make in this world (and that our main heroes have made in theirs) the human relationships formed have real human value.

OK so how does it play out?

So the thing starts out Christmas Eve at the Rosewood Orphanage. The children are all having Mass. Lots of nuns (of course, being an Orphanage and all). One adult stands out - an English woman with light brown hair. She’s an older but still attractive woman (think Gillian Anderson) she’s particularly close to one of the Orphanage’s children - a young girl of about 14 or 15 with long black hair. The Priest is giving the Mass in Latin (because it’s cool). Then at some point where the Priest is to bless the congregation, the Priest suddenly pulls out a gun and kills one of the kids. The nuns all pull out guns and start eliminating all the children.

The English Woman hits the deck as the shooting goes on… children around her are being slaughtered. One of the nuns with guns looks at the English Woman. They recognize each other without saying a word. The nun does not shoot the English Woman, instead shooting another child who was hiding beneath one of the pews.

The English Woman runs away… the Priest is on the main floor now putting bullets into any survivors.

The English Woman reaches one of the backrooms… She calls out a name: “Victoria! Victoria?” She looks desperately for Victoria.

The teenager with the English Woman earlier is in hiding. One of the Evil Nuns breaches the room, looking for another child to kill. The teenager disarms the Evil Nun by using an element of surprise. They have a struggle, the teenager is obviously outmatched. The English Woman then arrives to her rescue, knocking out the Evil Nun with a Fire Extinguisher. The English Woman yanks the teenager.

“Victoria, we have to go!”

The Priest sees the pair running but he fails to shoot at them (particularly because he was trying not to kill the English Woman who is covering the teenager who was among the Orphanage kids they were trying to kill off).

A camera drone flying in the street catches the English Woman and the Teenager in the open street fleeing the scene in a car.

A mysterious man (Travis) facing back to us watches the escape from a screen, phone rings. He takes a call

We can only hear one side of the conversation:

Travis: “It’s mostly done, Blake. All but one.”

The fleeing car leaves the attack site.

Travis: “There were … complications.”

Travis: “We don’t know what Diana was doing there. We don’t do Non-Targets, Mr. Dexter.”

Travis: “Look. We can finish it, but it will cost extra.”

Travis: “Fine. Leave the finer details of the contract to us.”

Tutorial: The Wilderness

Cut to:

Some part of Northern Finland winter wilderness. This is the tutorial level. 47 is old (mid 40’s early 50’s type as compared to the 20’s/30’s he looks now in HITMAN 2), but still looks strong, with a beard and a slightly more stocky build, he is something of a 205 lbs viking in modern outdoor gear.

The tutorial doubles as a stealth hunting game where we’re introduced to stealth, combat, body dragging, and shooting mechanics. There’s also traps and accidents (“Maim your prey with a falling object.”, etc.)

When 47 reaches his cabin, a small thin man with a pompadour (Birdie) is waiting for him. 47 ignores him and continues to make his way to his Northern Finnish cabin.

Birdie: “Nice to see you too, old buddy.”
47 ignores Birdie

Birdie: “I have a contract you might be interested in.”

47: “I don’t do that kind of work anymore, Birdie.”

Birdie: “It’s the least I can do.”

47: “You don’t owe me anything. Just go away.”

47 starts preparing to carve his prize game on his makeshift dirty kitchen. He’s about to pull out a carving knife

Birdie: “It’s Diana.”

47 stops upon hearing that name, adjusting his grip on the knife.

Birdie leaves a plane ticket on the table.

Birdie: "In case you change your mind. " Birdie leaves.

When Birdie shuts the door to the cabin. 47 turns around, looks at the plane ticket to Chicago

Cut to black.


Mission One: Rosewood

Target: Cosmo Faulkner

Find a lead on Diana’s location
Eliminate Cosmo Faulkner

Having arrived in Chicago, 47 is given the brief by Birdie.

47: “I thought you only did this work for assassins with permits?”

Birdie: "First of all I’m not charging for my time. Second, congratulations you have a new permit. System says: Tobias Rieper: Independent Contractor. "

47: “System says I’m supposed to be deceased.”

Birdie: “Hey, for what we’re gonna do? You’re going to need a friend on the other side. And there ain’t no friend like me. Besides, the kills have no value to… us…unless … you know…”

47 (sarcastic): “Right… You’re a real pal, Birdie.”

Birdie: “We’ll split the winnings. What are friends for?”

Birdie reveals that Diana was at the site of a shooting attack during Christmas Eve at the Rosewood Orphanage by unknown assailants. The place is now a crime scene, but Birdie tips off 47 that one of the detectives on site named Cosmo Faulkner is not a real detective - he’s a Cleaner. Third Party. This clues in to 47 that the shooting was not just a random terror attack but a targeted operation.

Faulkner is a “cleaning mole”. In his role as a detective, his job is to clean up investigations of scenes too big and too late to clean up. He fouls up evidence so that cases involving his assassin/agency clients will remain unsolved. 47 must therefore collect clues to where Diana might be. There’s various quest items here that can help, including CCTV footage that shows Diana and Victoria escaping. Faulkner’s routine takes him to various places in the Orphanage where he pretends to be doing detective work while ruining evidence.

It also turns out Faulkner had crossed some big underworld figure before for his role in covering up the death of this person’s kin caused by a rival. Everybody knows you normally leave Cleaners alone, but some wounds run too deep. So a contract is out for Faulkner as well - broker’s only so he’s not aware he’s a dead man. The fee is low so nobody was interested, but today his luck runs out.

By piecing together data on the escape vehicle’s bearing 47 and Birdie will figure out that there is a high probability Diana has gone to an independent private Safehouse for anonymous leasing. But is she still there? And how long before her enemies find her?

Mission Two: The Safehouse

Target: Sanchez

Find Diana
Eliminate Sanchez
Escape with Victoria

47 arrives at the private safehouse located by Birdie. But since 47 isn’t leasing the safehouse, he’s trespassing. 47 will have to sneak his way into the safehouse.

When 47 finds Diana, they have a little confrontation. 47 is apathetic to Diana’s attachment to Victoria and laments that his mistaken decision to come for Diana just follows her mistaken decision to help some teenaged girl. Diana retorts that 47 has made a greater mistake because “No one gets a chance to leave our world alive. I gave you that chance. And now you’ve wasted it.” Victoria is important to Diana for some reason. Diana tries to explain further but they are interrupted.

The Safehouse is under attack.

A lone, long haired, knife throwing killer named Sanchez (think Cuchillo/Machete mode Danny Trejo) is carving his way through the safehouse security.

47 sends Diana and Victoria through an escape tunnel/panic room area. 47 must then navigate the Safehouse that has come under alert while trying to eliminate Sanchez who is also in Combat.

On Mission Exit, the story cinematic shows Diana and Victoria outside the Safehouse, they plan to try and make a break for a car to flee. But just then another assassin arrives - The Rosewood Killer Priest “Jack Aegis” with one of the Evil Nuns “Lasandra Dixon”.

While Victoria remains in hiding, Diana confronts Dixon.

Diana: “I won’t let you take her.”

Aegis: “Oh, we didn’t come for her.”

Diana realizes her mistake.

47 witnesses Diana shot four times in close proximity by Aegis and Dixon. Victoria runs to Diana. Aegis and Dixon might have gotten a chance to off Victoria too maybe but 47 intervenes. Aegis and Dixon get away. 47 goes to Victoria. Diana is clearly dead. Nothing they can do for her.

47 and Victoria flee. Their next move unclear.

Eliminating Sanchez earns a reward from Mexico where Sanchez is wanted Dead or Alive.

Mission Three: The Vixen Club

Target: Dom Osmond

Find information on Osmond’s associates
Eliminate Dom Osmond

47 and Birdie figure that whoever sent Sanchez has it out for Diana and Victoria, and if they managed to find a private Safehouse, then no place is actually safe. Birdie clarifies he has no info on the Killer Priest and the Killer Nun.

Birdie informs 47 that Sanchez was an enforcer for drugs and prostitution kingpin Dom Osmond - another person who conveniently is the target of a contract placed by rivals in Mexico. Osmond had been playing the various cartels against each other and was dipping his fingers into the drug wars in Juarez hoping to become some kind of Cartel Kingmaker. But the Cartels grew tired of worrying which side would get Osmond’s “blessing” so they’ve decided to take him out.

In this mission, 47 will learn the connection between Osmond and another pair of Dexter associates - Sheriff Clive Skurky and Judge Dennis Strickland over an environmental destruction issue concerning Dexter Industries. Killing Osmond leads 47 to go to Hope, South Dakota for the next bit of the trail.

The Story cutscene after this reveals Blake Dexter to the audience and his growing anger that the trail is somehow leading back to him and that someone is after him. He vents his anger at Travis, who in turn blames Dexter for having Osmond send Sanchez to a Safehouse where “the conduction of business is forbidden” and which led to this mess spilling over. Of course, Sanchez is not a licenced assassin - just a thug, and Dexter retorts he had to resort to it because he was getting tired of Travis’ red tape and formality in getting things done.

They also speculate about who could have cleaned out Osmond…Jade and Travis say the market is too vast to pin down who picks up contracts as codes are encrypted by The Commission.

Travis: “Diana may have had her own connections. She could have hired Cicada, the Praetorians, anybody really. And that’s only counting anybody in the market. Everybody else outside the market is anyone’s guess.”

Blake: “Don’t you run this system? Go ask some clerk or something who’s doing this.”

Jade Nguyen: “We can’t just do that, Mr. Dexter.”

Travis: “We work with these assets under Commission rules. We don’t really own them.”

Blake: “Well that’s your problem, Benjamin.”

Travis: “Actually, Mr. Dexter. This is your problem.”

Layla Stockton, Blake’s assistant reminds him that Osmond also may have kept legal records of the pollution issue they had in Dakota.

Blake then tells Travis “Well, you know where to go next. You want this done proper? You got your chance. This has to end now. I want all Hope scrubbed clean.”

Travis: “All of it?”

Blake: “You think I can’t afford it? Just do it.”

Jade: “Open contract?”

Blake: “No. Direct. Send it to the Saints.”

Jade: “They made a mess at Rosewood.”

Blake: “Then they’ll do just fine in South Dakota.”

Mission Four: Hope, South Dakota

Target: Dennis Strickland and Clive Skurky

Investigate Strickland’s office
Eliminate Dennis Strickland
Eliminate Clive Skurky

Various “concerned citizen’s watch groups” and the Pristine Army want Strickland and Skurky to pay the ultimate price for long standing pollution of bodies of water as a result of their inaction over many years.

47 and Victoria are in Hope, South Dakota, a town bankrolled heavily by industrialist oil baron Blake Dexter. 47 knows Diana’s enemies are still on their trail, but needs to figure out soon what connection, if any, these enemies, Diana, and Victoria may have. Because of Strickland’s role as Dexter’s “legal helper”, Birdie believes the answers may lie in his office.

In Strickland’s office, there are a lot of findings to be made (similar to the tornado shelter in HITMAN 2016’s Colorado). 47 figures out Dexter Industries was developing a certain “Project Valkyrie”, locations and logistics for which were going to be cleared with permits and approvals acquired through Strickland’s connections.

Birdie recognizes a number of site locations and laboratories as ICA partners. Diana Burnwood is revealed as one of the administrators of the programme, an ICA senior director: Benjamin Travis is listed as Project Valkyrie’s main coordinator.

47 wonders what Diana had gotten herself into.

Having gathered what they need, 47 is told to make his exit, while Birdie looks through the data for more items of interest.

In the Story cutscene, the Saints, led by Jack Aegis and Lasandra Dixon are depicted as grinding the whole town to the ground. It’s a massacre full of dead bystanders, cops, and lots and lots of dead Hope Cougar gangsters.

Aegis and Dixon corner a badly beat up Cougar gangster. In the background a raging inferno of death continues with the Saints clearing out the town.

Dixon pistol whips the Gangster with her magnum

Aegis: “Which way did he go?”

Gangster: “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Dixon pistol whips the Gangster with her magnum again

Aegis: “There was a bald man, well built. He had a girl with him.”

Gangster: “What… wha… ? Oh… those two? They just passed through town… They didn’t do nothin’…”

Dixon: “He’s either really good and nobody saw a thing. Or this wino over here is fucking blind.”

Gangster: “Oh I did that once!.. A whore had this thing for blindfolds…”

Dixon rolls her eyes and hits the Gangster again

Aegis: “Which. way?”

Gangster: “They went out… west! Right! West! … Or was that East? Southwest? Maybe they’re going to Chinatown, eh? hahaha…Best sweet and sour fish ever! Please don’t kill me.”

Aegis: “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you.”

Lasandra aims her magnum at the Gangster after Aegis nods to her

Gangster: “Wait! No!”


Aegis: “Search everywhere. He wanted something when he came here. We have to be on top of this lead.”

Dixon: “We don’t have a contract for him, Jack. Why are we looking for him?”

Aegis: "They don’t know he’s come out of the dark, Lasandra. The girl may be important to Blake and Travis. That contract is still open. But the one we really want is 47.

Dixon: “We’re not telling Travis he’s protecting the girl?”

Aegis: “The longer we let 47 live. The more trouble he can cause. The price on his head will be astronomical once that lead comes through. Travis isn’t the only buyer in town.”

Dixon: “Always on the money.”

Aegis: “47 is beyond money, Lasandra. When the Saints eliminate him, our status will be legendary. I want to have every edge when that contract goes live.”

Mission Five: Mitsaki Cloud Data Center, Silicon Valley

Pre Mission cinematic shows Birdie on the phone with another party. We do not know who.

Birdie: “Won’t be long now, baby. Daddy’s bringing home the bacon.”

Birdie: “I know I know… He doesn’t know anything. … And nobody knows about us. We just need to squeeze the client base a little harder before pulling this rabbit out of the hat.”

Birdie: “Dangerous? What do you think we’ve all been doing all this time? Baby, when this is done, we are done! Nothing but moonlit nights and sunny skies in paradise for us.”

Birdie: “Love you too, baby. Mwah.”

Meanwhile 47 and Victoria are on a commercial flight.

Victoria: “You liked her didn’t you?”

47: “Hm?”

Victoria: “Diana… you two seemed close.”

47: "… You could say that. We… (hesitates) It was… easy to work with her… "

Victoria: “I’ve seen what you can do. It looks like dangerous work.”

47: “It was. Trust is important in any enterprise. More so for the one we were in. The world can be a deadly place.”

Victoria: “(snicker) … Kind of like Rosewood.”

47: “What was it like there? At the Orphanage?”

Victoria: “Very tough. Especially Athletics. And then there was Advanced Applications.”

47: “Advanced Applications?”

Victoria: “Some people in lab coats would come in and put these sensors on our temples… like this… and then make us look at a series of patterns. Ask us to press a button… left or right… or do some motion as quickly as possible. The nuns seemed very upset whenever any of us got bad scores. But I never had that problem.”

47: “So you must have been pretty good.”

Victoria: “Diana said I was the best.”

47 (wry smile): “Did she now?”

Victoria: “What’s so funny?”

47: “Nothing. Get some sleep.”

Targets: Marcus Green and Raymond Washington

Collect Information on Project Valkyrie
Eliminate Marcus Green
Eliminate Raymond Washington

Green and Washington are the Security Engineer and Chief Administrator respectively of the Mitsaki Data Center. The two were implicated in a Data Privacy Leak that cost Mitsaki millions in damages and resulted in the murder-kidnapping of a 9 year old hieress from the Stuyvesant family. Aware that the noose is closing in, the pair have converted the Data Center to double as their abode and personal fortress, having added Praetorian Mercenaries to Mitsaki’s regular security using their own personal fortune.

In this mission 47 will be able to uncover data that reveals details on the Valkyrie Super Soldier program as well as uncover videos and recordings that allow 47 to see the growing relationship that developed between Diana and Victoria. The dealings of Blake Dexter and Benjamin Travis are also uncovered here.

It also allows 47 to collect physical keys from Green and Washington and credentials for Birdie to edit to allow 47 to infiltrate Valkyrie Lab Alpha later.

The map has 3 Praetorian Mercenaries that use a comms network between them. Anything that happens to one will alert the other two as well. They split up patrols but are never too far from each other. So a coin toss that attracts one will attract all 3 before they participate in investigating together which makes dispatching them challenging, but also makes for a “3 for 1” strike if a player is clever.

Praetorians wear heavy armor that protects them from one headshot, and makes it impossible to subdue them or fibre wire them. They are also impervious to syringes. That said, push heights that would KO a normal person would be lethal for them and they can be knocked down (but not KO-ed) by thrown melee or melee KO). They can still be killed by falling chandeliers and accidents.

The final data terminal to uncover the location of Valkyrie Lab Alpha however has a stereoscopic image recorder that keeps an untamperable image of its last user… When 47 points this out after he is scanned. Birdie assures him that it’s nothing to worry about and 47 exits the mission.

Mission Six: Wild Western Gun Show, Los Angeles

Story Cutscene. Blake is informed of the Mitsaki Data Center breach and becomes very pissed off.

Blake: “Get me Travis! NOW!”

Video Telecon Starts

Travis (sarcastic): “Well if it isn’t Blake Dexter… my favorite customer.”

Blake: “I’ll give you favorite customer you limp dick sumbich!”

Layla: “The Mitsaki Data Center in Silicon Valley detected a breach of the Dexter Industries cloud instance at its main terminal.”

Travis: “I don’t understand what this has to do with us.”

47’s Stereo Scan appears onscreen

Jade (smiling): “Oh… Look what the little birdie brought in…”

Blake: “Layla says this bald yahoo was one of yours… Is that right, Benjamin?”

Travis: “But that’s impossible. Diana said he didn’t make it out of Beirut.”

Blake: “Diana. Again I hear about this woman. I’m starting to wonder who was really in charge at the ICA.”

Travis: “She worked hard and she was a consummate professional. Never had problems getting her hands dirty doing what she had to do. Not that a corn-fed bleating cow like yourself would understand what that means.”

Blake: “Why you…!”

They are interrupted by another person arriving into Blake Dexter’s conference room.

“Gentlemen. Settle down. There’s no reason for us to fight.”

Blake: “Dr. Ashford. How nice of you to join us.”

Travis: “Dr. Ashford, I thought we talked about purging Project Valkyrie data when we agreed to shut it down?”

Ashford: “Yes. But Green and Washington were always a tad lazy. Which has given us this opportunity.”

Blake: “Opportunity?”

Ashford: “The man you see here, Mr. Dexter is known as 47.”

Blake: “Never heard of him.”

Ashford: “And you weren’t supposed to ever need to. Ort Meyer’s research was crucial to the creation of Project Valkyrie, but we never could figure out the final sequences of the growth complexes based only on what remained from the Asylum in Romania. It’s why all our V clones have had to be grown at double the interpolation times to achieve maturity. We could never apply all the traits we wanted programmatically.”

Layla: “Just say it, Doctor. Valkyrie was expensive. And ultimately why we had to liquidate Rosewood.”

Ashford (interupting): “47. This man. Is the missing link. He is the one complete work of the Asylum. Every chromosome, every cell in this man’s body is a gold bullion of genetic achievement.”

Blake: “So… you sayin’… If we catch this bald cocksucker alive. Valkyrie is back in the game?”

Ashford: “You get me 47, Mr. Dexter. And we win not just the game. We take the entire season.”

Travis: “Capture 47?!?! Are you all stupid? Do you know what this man is capable of?”

Layla: “We have our resources, Mr. Travis. And we’re not constrained by your Commission’s rules.”

Travis: “Oh like that raving gorilla you sent to the Safehouse?!? A lot of good that did you! 47 wasn’t just some lab experiment. Over a career spanning decades this man has shown lethal range unseen in the history of assassination and small arms warfare. He can go into any site, and plan the screaming death of hundreds or arrange for the unexplained disappearance of one victim. All his methods laid out with the mathematical precision of a master general, executed with a body gifted with the strength of two men. He can pretend to be anything. He can disguise himself as anyone. He doesn’t get tired. He doesn’t stop. The man is a machine!”

Ashford: “Exactly why we need him, Mr. Dexter. And the girl too. As the only V clone remaining. We will need her to interface with the new isotopes. The contract on her life will have to be rescinded.”

Layla: “Understood, Dr. Ashford.”

Travis: “Are you all deaf?!?”

Blake: “Shut him off…”

Video Con ends

Blake: “Layla. Patch me to Wade. Tell him we have some work for him. Triple his fee if you have to… Oh and… I know I’m supposed to be going to that gun show in L.A. But… me and the doctor have to discuss this new development. You go handle it.”

Layla: “Yes. Mr. Dexter.”

Layla Stockton leaves

Ashford: “The world’s most dangerous man has his sights set on your property and you’re sending one of your most important subordinates to a public event?”

Blake: “Edward, you talk too much, you know that?”

At ICA side

Jade: “If 47 is back in the open and he’s trying to avenge Diana. Then there’s no telling how far he’ll go. The girl is secondary now. Survival has to come first… Mr. Travis?”

Travis: “… You’re right, Jade. Make the contract.”

Jade: “Open?”

Travis: “Open. And I want a finder’s fee. Double, no… quadruple the normal on anyone with information who can point him out.”

Jade (smiling secretly): “It’s done, Mr. Travis.”

End Cinematic

Targets: Layla Stockton

Obtain Valkyrie Project Vault Key
Obtain Layla Stockton’s Mobile Phone
Eliminate Layla Stockton

Layla Stockton used every dirty trick in the book, and out of it, to get to where she is. Blake Dexter is thrice divorced, and the gossip rags say Layla may have been a factor in at least two of them. She’s managed to avoid earning the dubious title of “Mrs. Blake Dexter the Fourth” but there ain’t no fury like a pack of trust fund ex-wives scorned.

Birdie informs 47 that Layla Stockton is one of only three people who possess a complete vault key required to enter the inner sanctum of Valkyrie Lab Alpha. Securing the key will mean 47 is ready to attack the laboratory and destroy any and all principal interest in Victoria, possibly also eliminating any parties with intentions on her.

The end is near.

The location is the Western Gun Shop and Outdoor Firing Range in Los Angeles. The shop and range are owned by King Lee, an immigrant and former Korean Marine who killed no less than 5 looters from a shooting position on his shop roof during the L.A. Riots of 1992.

Dexter Industries and Weapon Systems have a sizable presence at this year’s show and Layla Stockton is standing in for Blake Dexter.

On the way to the only exit point… 47 and Victoria are making what they believe is a clean escape… That is until multiple phones at the venue ring and 47 spots his face appearing on one of the phone screens.

This leads to a Combat segment (This mission cannot be SA-ed in story mode) where 47 must eliminate all attackers - turns out a number of assassins are at the gun show.

After Exiting the Mission, 47 is ambushed by rocket launcher fire and is hurled to the ground. Victoria is thrown unconscious.

A white haired, yellow shades wearing maniac is holding said rocket launcher.

His earpiece crackles with Blake Dexter’s voice: “Don’t get carried away, Wade. Remember… Alive… or I’ll pay you in piss.”

Wade: “Don’t worry boss… I’m just warming up.”

Wade walks over to the still weakened 47, but across the street… more gunfire…The Saints have arrived.

Jack Aegis: “Kill anyone who approaches 47. I want to save him for last. 47 is mine!”

Wade: “Nuns with guns! What’s not to like?”

There is a ferocious gun battle that unfolds in the streets of L.A. Wade’s men and The Saints tear up the place, turning it into a warzone.

Wade: “Fuckin’ Christmas! YEEEEEEEEEHAWWWW!”

Wade also sadistically kills one of the Saints, gaining some kind of crazed ecstasy from knifing her while grabbing her as she fails to reach for her gun. Dixon manages to shoot Wade in the leg but is unable to rescue the assassin nun.

Tearfully angry, Dixon slaughters many of Wade’s men with an M-60 taken from the now chaotic gun show firing range. The gun battle rages on.

47 keeps calling for Birdie but Birdie doesn’t answer. 47 barely escapes being killed by The Saints, but Victoria is kidnapped by Wade. And all parties retreat as authorities arrive.

Mission Seven: Blackwater Ranch

Pre-Mission cinematic. flashback/dreams of snippets of 47’s suffering during his own childhood at a facility. Being bullied… taking combat tests…

A young 47 asks a younger Dr. Ort-Meyer: “I missed one of them, doctor Was that bad?”
Ort-Meyer: “Bad? Oh… my son… On the contrary… you did very well.”

47: “I lacked concentration. I can hit all of them. I know I can.”

Ort-Meyer: “We both know that, my child. But you are not a machine. None of you are. You will be a great man some day. Inside you I have planted the means beyond the mere weapon others see on the surface. You, 47… have the potential to be the highest example of our humanity.”

“A perfect diamond.”

“You, 47. You are the best.”

Back awake in the present day, 47 stares into a mirror in some shabby motel. His body bandaged, damaged, but not broken. But his face says it all.

He’s lost Victoria. Birdie has betrayed him. And Diana is gone.

He is now alone. There is nothing now in his life. Only his quest.

Only his death remains.

The motel contains some armaments, so 47 isn’t done yet.
47 thinks… Where could Victoria be?

On the desk are the various quest items 47 has gathered. The key cards, and other material… then…He notices something.

Layla’s phone.

It’s his only chance. He looks through it and notices an entry in the Address Book

“Boss’ Estate”

He dials the number… an operator’s voice rings out:

“Thank you for calling Blackwater Ranch. If you know the number of …” 47 drops the call.

47 (vocal narration in his head): “Blackwater Ranch. The largest piece of private property in the Southern United States. The owner is unlisted. No cameras allowed along a radius a mile wide. You wouldn’t know anyone lived there. In life Layla probably protected her boss’ privacy with the same fervor that she perverted it for her own gain. But in death, all the secrets she protected are laid bare. This is where it ends. One way. Or the other.”

Targets: Blake Dexter (redacted later) Jack Aegis, Lasandra Dixon
Eliminate Blake Dexter (redacted later)
Find Victoria (redacted later)
Eliminate The Saints

Down to his last lead, and having no help from anyone, a battered 47 heads for the central command center of Dexter’s empire: Blackwater Ranch, the sprawling opulent estate of one Blake Dexter. Unsure of what he will find, 47 at this point is a desperate man.

He either wants to punch Blake Dexter’s card out, or get his own card punched out - hopefully while getting Victoria out alive. Victoria is the only thing left that reminds 47 of Diana.

Pretty much at every entrance point where 47 can listen in on conversations (including open Combat) or through various intel, 47 will learn Blake Dexter is not at the Ranch (so the objective will be redacted). 47 will also learn Victoria is not at the estate (this objective will also be redacted).

At that point, an explosion rips through the Ranch’s main gate. Players will witness the Saints assaulting the Ranch in a fleet of armored hearses. Jack Aegis was probably tipped off on where 47 could go next and he’s here to collect on the massive contract on 47’s head.

At this point the player will get the real objectives of the mission: Eliminate all The Saints and Exit the Mission.

Only two of the Saints are name characters: Jack Aegis and Lasandra Dixon. The others are henchmen numbering around 20 that scour the Ranch looking for 47.

At some point, the Ranch and estate will be set on fire.

Regardless of how 47 defeats them. Aegis’ Hearse is the exit point and upon exiting the Post-Mission cutscene plays out:

Jack Aegis (dying): “… 47!..”

Aegis falls on his knees

Aegis: “I just want you to know… I was… always… a fan…hehehe…They weren’t …kidding… You are indeed the best. (cough cough)… We all… strove to follow your standard.”

47 turns around to face the kneeling and dying Jack Aegis walking away from the hearse as he does so

47: “What standard? The one where you went to a private Safehouse and executed Diana? What standards do you have?”

Aegis: “…Oh…you have no idea…(chuckles up blood)”

Aegis sees a figure approaching 47 from behind

Aegis: “A shame…You… may… never… know…” (Jack Aegis dies)

47 looks confused following Jack Aegis’ dying words… he’s struck unconscious from behind by Edward Wade.

Cut to Black
End Cut scene


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