Absolution Speedrun help

Hi everyone, I’m planning to do a speedrun of Absolution that includes all the mission with targets, which are:
-The King of Chinatown
-Hunter and Hunted
-Shaving Lenny
-End of the Road (not sure)
-Fight Night
-Attack of the Saints
-Operation Sledgehammer
-Blackwater Park
I will be achieving SA in the checkpoints where the targets r, however I won’t give a fuck about evidence :wink:
I will need some help with a few strats, I’ll mark a few players that I think can help me with this
@cjgarof @Kotti @AlexNiedt

On which difficulty?

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Expert :wink: 2020202020

@End of the road
Just leave him behind, that’s the fastest way to beat this level :smile:


The common category for Absolution is Expert/Max Ratings. This also includes never being spotted in any rated section. Anything goes in unrated sections.

As far as tips, it’s easiest to give tips if we can see your routes first. Hard to know where to even start, otherwise.

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