Accent Localisation for legacy levels

The lack of local accents for the legacy maps really damaged any form of immersion I have for the levels and I think it is such a shame. I think if we can rally enough support I am sure IOI might look into getting French, Italian, Moroccan and Asian voice acting in for the legacy maps. I know it is small from a gameplay perspective but I personally think it would be absolutely amazing and make it seem like 47 is actually globe trotting again (with the exception of Columbia and India). Even using the Japanese voice acting in the Japanese version of Hitman would be awesome and the different language might be less of a problem than it appears. I dunno if anyone else thinks about this but I think it would be brilliant

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if IOI has some free time on their hands, i would love for them to do this. but i don’t really see it being a priority for them


I mean, they are legacy maps. Not that they’ll ever forget about them, but I do wonder if they place priority on H2 maps. Like Miami over Sapienza, maybe?

Not only accents, but also textures, graphics, lightning…

So much things to upgrade and “adapt” to this sequel because at the moment it just feels like a poor copy/paste of the original levels :confused:

I really hope they will do something to make the whole thing coherent, so we’ll really feel it as a whole pack, and not two separate entities in one game.

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Probably too expensive. They would’ve to hire 6-8 people for each of the Legacy mission and record every single voice lines. For something that doesn’t give them any additional sales. So they’re losing money that could be used for other stuff.


Yes but they already have localised voice acting for other countries such as Japan which can be implemented for most common NPCs in Hokkaido for example.

Really? I think other than the accent localisation they do a good job at keeping the games feeling continuous

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They have localized voice acting for Japan and just Japan. Probably because of Square being their former publisher. Mind you in that version every NPC speaks Japanese, including the ones in Colorado.

Besides I would like being able to listen to NPC conversations instead of having to read the subtitles every time two characters talking to each other. Especially since not every dialogue has subtitles.

Also now that we have a game with NPC speaking in local accents how many missions take place in the USA or at places where everybody spoke English? 4 out of 6 missions with the first DLC mission also takes place in the USA. It reached the point that people start complaining about the focus on the US. But that’s the downside of local accents. You try avoiding to hire new voice actors for every mission but having most of them take place in the same country. Expect to see more US mission in the next game. :wink:

And this is why we need ACCENT, not language localisation because otherwise with all the levels in this trilogy, most maps will have generic American voice acting.

I always found it a bit funny that some of the militia in Colorado had accents like they were from the UK or wherever.


It’s tricky. Hearing an obviously not native speaker actor butchering your language and its accent makes me lose the immersion factor more than a character pretending they’re a native whatever (in my case French) but speak with a flawless American or British accent.

I still have nightmares from the Cécile character of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. She’s French, always speaks of French things all the effing time but butchers every French word.

As for languages I’m not very good to distinguish accents, it convinces me enough. But some one from a different native language will say “this accent is awful and breaks the immersion”.

To be fair they state in level no less that the Militia is made up of anybody that wants to join from anywhere.


“We might have a situation here.” That line.


Of course we’d like them to do accent localisation of those maps, but as far as their ‘to do’ list goes this would be near the bottom as it doesn’t change gameplay itself; plus unlike the other changes on their ever-growing list this one would require specific new money for it (Voice actors), unlike telling their salaried workers “Just work on this now”, who get paid the same no matter what they work on.

Some things on IO’s “we’d like it but we got other things to do first” list I can remember off the top of my head:

  • Contracts Mode on missions that don’t currently have it
  • Replacing the MKII stickers
  • Wetsuit unlock
  • Female guards maybe one day in the future
  • Legacy challenge packs
  • More Legacy escalations
  • Anniversary suits integration

I feel like there’s a dozen more but I can’t be bothered scrolling through posts and streams to find them

Frankly I’d much rather they work on literally any of these above things (except Leg. escalations) rather than coming up with 3 new escalations every month, and I really don’t see how it wouldn’t take 5 minutes to just put in the H2016 blue guns in place of the current black-with-pink-sticker guns, but that’s a reflection on IO.


I don’t think they will change it for the legacy levels, that’s way too much work for something that has already been done. But local accents became a topic back in 2016 and rightfully so. If anything needs to be done it’s the approach from IOI from the early state of development, and I hope they do with H3.

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Seems like a waste of resources, really. I’d rather they invest in new content.

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They could just hire actors who are very good at imitating accents. Like me.

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i cant wait to hear “SNAILMEAT, SNAILMEAT!” and “Rocco, get down here this Minute” with the right accents :ok_hand:


They could ask the fanbase to do voice lines in the right language for a couple of bucks and everyone would be happy. But ofcourse professional voice actors are better.

I liked how they did Spanish accents in Colombia and Indian accents in Mumbai, but they got away with the accent topic pretty easy in Hitman 2. 4/6 locations are located in English speaking countries. Maybe this is a ‘test’ to see if it’s received positively by the community. The answer is YES. It would’ve been great if the Legacy maps also had this privilege.


I don’t think they did it as a test, I think 4/6 are English-speaking areas because they wanted to save money on voice artists. Hence this 7th location is also in USA :roll_eyes: