Access Pass for xbox

They keep saying a fix is coming.

Hey Folks- There’s some new folks who’ve come on, so I’ll try and summarize what has worked for others based on IOI’s current fixes/etc:

  • Check and make sure all of your “Remote options” are on in your Xbox. (This is essential, I had thought mine were on, but were not)
  • Use your phone, pc, or laptop (not Xbox) for this next step: go to and sign on. Go to one of these links:
  • After making sure you have Remote Options on (again, this is the critical step), on the website, you should see a button for “Install on your Devices.” Click this and you should see on your XBox the download kicked off.

  • Go back to your XBox, and hover over the Hitman 3 app, click on the menu button (?) and then choose: “Manage my Add ons,” click on Hitman 3 to list your Add ons, look for Hitman 3: GOTY Legacy (or something like that) and make sure it’s checked off.

This is what has worked for me and others on here based on IOI’s advice. I believe the fix they are working on is to make this more automatic (but again, I’m not with IOI so don’t know for sure).

Again, this hasn’t worked for everyone, but many on here (as well as myself). Really hope this works for those who have had trouble. This really shouldn’t be that difficult.

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I’m in! On Tuesday was unable to do this. Didn’t touch Xbox until just now and when I turned on Hitman 3 all missions from 1 are there. I didn’t even have to get access. Weird I guess it just took time and happened in the background! Idk

Thanks @ColdDayInHell @w00master


Glad to hear it. I swear it works intermittently (the carryover) but Lukas’ recommendation worked for me.

What console ? @Chef-assassin

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Don’t think it’s still working for everyone. Tried the above and it still doesn’t work, weird how it’s working for some and not others.

My Xbox buddy, who designed my awesome badge, has just posted on Twitter something that worked for him. Hopefully it works for those still struggling…


Thank you, thank you, it worked!

Such a simple fix.

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I am also still experiencing problems. I have reached out by email, but have not gotten a response back unfortunately.

It actually installed the access pass from that, instead of just saying i owned it.

Yay!! This solution worked for me!! I have patiently tried each and every one of the above solutions and encountered each and every problem described by other users here. The last issue I had was the empty Access Pass with nothing to install.

I know it may not work for everyone but I encourage folks to give Eulers Twitter post a look. Super simple but it did work for me.

(Edited for clarity)

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DUDE IT WORKED!!! You and your friend are amazing, thank you so much!

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All Xbox Users!! This works!!!

Massive thanks to @Euler13 :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Glad to hear it. If anyone has Twitter perhaps they could retweet Core2TOM’s tweet. Credit goes to him.

@ioi_lukasz: Could do something with this as it looks like it’s the missing piece of the puzzle? It seems to be solving the issue for everyone who hasn’t found a solution up to now.

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If remoting installing from the web site does not work. Just select a different game that you do not have installed or uninstall something and use the Install to my devices button. I did this with Control and it immediately pushed HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 1 GOTY Upgrade and HITMAN 3 Access Pass: HITMAN 1 Complete First Season.

Basically use the web to push something else and you should see the Hitman stuff as well.

That’s great and it did work for me but what about Hitman 2 though? :thinking:

The Hitman 2 access pass was already waiting in my ‘ready to install’ part. I know a few other people have had issues with this as well.

I’ve tried a bunch of the suggestions here and I still can’t get the Hitman 1 levels to appear in 3 on Xbox.

I own Hitman 1 complete edition and Hitman 2 gold digitally. The Hitman 1 levels appear and work correctly in Hitman 2. I have purchased Hitman 3 standard and the Hitman 2 legacy pack always as owned but nothing I’ve tried is granting me ownership of any similar access pass for Hitman 1.

It still seems a bit unknown why some people don’t get ownership of the pass. I do wonder given the seemingly random nature of it suddenly showing up for some people if they are manually toggling it for the accounts of people without it whose posts here and on social media they see.

Though equally baffling once people do finally get it showing as owned is why they didn’t make the pass itself have any installable dlc that you could just install via the “install all” button on the access pass’ store page, but instead had it confer ownership of new downloadable content under the hitman 3 install manager which needs to be remotely pushed to become available in your manage game list.

Hi - I’m having issues with my Hitman 2 Access Pass. I had it before I uninstalled Hitman 3 but now not downloading. Have Hitman 1/2 Expansion Access Pass but Hitman 2 Access Pass asking for £54.99 even though I own Hitman 2 digitally. This is on Xbox Series X. Thanks.

Not sure if this has happened to others, but for some reason the Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 levels have all disappeared from the game? It says I need to get Access again despite re-downloading both passes?

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem? I’m a bit behind with Hitman news at the minute so this might have already been mentioned.

This has only happened since the Season of Sloth update.